Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Natural History Museum, London

13th October to 30 June 2024

See the world through a new lens

Explore the planet’s habitats, from sprawling urban metropolises to the deep polar seas, and meet the creatures that rely on these places. Come face to face with species at risk of extinction as well as those we’ve brought back from the brink. See first-hand how human activities, both good and bad, are shaping the natural world we rely on.

With soundscapes, videos, expert insights and stunning photography, you’ll leave not only awe-inspired by the beauty and diversity of nature but also hopefully with a renewed drive to do what you can to protect it.

Metro Imaging has collaborated with NHM over many year’s, working with the museum to create one of the UK’s most iconic and most anticipated exhibitions. We produce sealed Duratrans prints designed for backlit LED lightboxes which are designed so that they can be reused over many years. We are also very proud to supply versions of the exhibition for an expanding network of Touring venues, ensuring that the work is viewed across the globe, reaching as many people as possible.

Head to the NHM website for more information on opening times and tickets and please get in touch if you require more information on our Lightbox services.


All images ©theTrusteesoftheNaturalHistoryMuseum,London 2023


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