Professional Lightboxes

Professional Lightboxes have long been a favourite of artists looking to appropriate the dramatic effect of an illuminated image. Until recently, Lightboxes were restricted in size; light spread and weight by cumbersome florescent tubing that required deep profiles for cooling.

Now with the developments in energy efficient LED technology, light is available in sheets rather than tubes, creating new possibilities for Lightbox size, weight, design and most importantly, colour-accuracy.

Joining forces with LED technologists, we have developed colour-accurate Lightboxes that can be colour-balanced exactly to our Kodak Duratran film material.

Metro Imaging are the only photographic printers in the UK offering colour accurate Kodak Duratran prints up to 72” wide and our Lightbox service enables our customers to create Lightboxes up to this mural size. Contact us for enquiries.

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