What is a Digital C-Type Print?

A digital C Type or Chromagenic print is any photographic print that has been exposed using digital technology, rather than traditional analogue (otherwise known as ‘darkroom’) techniques. In an analogue setting, an enlarger, an optical apparatus similar to a slide projector, projects the image of a negative onto a sheet of photographic paper whilst controlling focus, intensity and duration of light.

With a digital C Type (Chromagenic print) this part of the process is controlled from a computer and the paper is exposed using lasers or LEDs rather than a bulb. The second part of the traditional process is much the same however: the paper is processed in a photographic developer, followed by bleach fix before being washed to remove the processing chemicals.

So a digital C Type (Chromagenic)  is a traditional photographic print, made from a digital file rather than a negative. Many customers think that a ‘digital print’ has to be a Giclée print but this is not so. A Giclée print is quite different, using no chemistry or light sensitivity.

Our Photographic Papers

Partial photo of a face covered in hundres and thousands printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper which is available in both gloss and a semi matt finish.

C-Type Matt/Gloss

Available in Classic Matt or Gloss, this Fuji paper uses optimised Silver Halide Crystals for laser exposure, producing excellent prints from laser printers; and it’s considered to be the industry standard for photographic art printing.

Photo of a young tattooed man printed on Velvet paper. While this paper is called velvet, the surface has an extremely flat matt surface, which should be noted before using it for pinting on.

C-Type Velvet Paper

This dead matt paper from Fuji  produces a creamy texture and muted tones. Its zero-reflective top layer creates a remarkably soft and flat matt effect, ideal for low-contrast images.

Photo of a mountain range printed on metallic paper. Metallic paper is available from both Fuji and Kodak and has a very high gloss finish and would be best framed using anti refelctive glass.

C-Type Metallic Paper

With a glossy finish and metallic appearance, this Fuji paper works well with both colour and B&W images, providing a different visual aspect to your work.

Photo of a city skyscraper looking up at the sky in the middle of the day. Supergloss paper, as noted by the name, has an ultra high glossy finish and is again best framed behind anti reflective glass.

C-Type Supergloss

Supergloss is a reflective silver halide colour printing paper from Fuji with a super high gloss PET base for professional use at the highest level, designed exclusively for digital output.

C-Type print pricing illustration

Bespoke – our premium service
      Exc Vat Inc Vat
10x8 254x204 A5 21.10 25.32
12x10 304x254 A4 30.60 36.72
16x12 407x304 A3 38.10 45.72
24x20 610x508 A2 64.60 77.52
Self Service – our great value service
      Exc Vat Inc Vat
10x8 254x204 A5 6.30 7.56
12x10 304x254 A4 7.70 9.24
16x12 407x304 A3 8.90 10.68
24x20 610x508 A2 22.10 26.52

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