Black & White Photo Printing

When it comes to professional black & white printing, Metro is the only professional lab in the UK to produce silver gelatin prints from digital files. Our B&W prints are ‘true’ black and white, without the colour cast you would usually find in C Types and Giclées, due to their colour printing process.

Our genuine B&W Silver Gelatin papers can be printed up to 2.7mx1.22m / 108 x 48 inches

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  • Genuine Black & White papers.
  • Bespoke or Self Service.
  • Order online or in person.
  • Over 40 year’s experience.

Our Archival Black and White Photographic Papers

Fibre-based Gloss

HARMAN GDS Fibre-based Baryta paper has a double-weight semi-gloss finish and slight texture. The panchromatic emulsion is based upon traditional B&W silver halide technology, has excellent D-Max, sharpness and surface finish delivering superb continuous tone. Our FB paper is also great for pairing with Giclée Fine Art Baryta prints.

Fibre-based Matt

HARMAN GDS Fibre-based paper has a double-weight Baryta matt finish. It is a silver gelatin, premium quality, panchromatic photographic paper. This paper has been designed using the very latest black & white silver halide emulsion technology optimised for digital exposure, and presents a neutral image tone.


HARMAN GDS Resin-coated paper is a premium quality paper with a bright base tint. Along with the Fibre-based paper, RC prints are genuine B&W prints with no colour cast, and are the perfect paper for cooler toned images. It has a semi-matt finish, and contains fine tonal benefits of subtle highlight detail and strong blacks.

Black and White resin print pricing illustration

Bespoke – our premium service
      Exc Vat Inc Vat
10x8 254x204 A5 41.40 49.68
12x10 304x254 A4 47.10 56.52
16x12 407x304 A3 66.40 79.68
24x20 610x508 A2 111.30 133.56
Self-Service – our great value service
      Exc Vat Inc Vat
10x8 254x204 A5 18.52 22.22
12x10 304x254 A4 23.21 27.85
16x12 407x304 A3 34.22 41.06
24x20 610x508 A2 79.84 95.81

Black and White fibre print pricing illustration

Bespoke – our premium service
      Exc Vat Inc Vat
10x8 254x204 A5 55.70 66.84
12x10 304x254 A4 62.80 75.36
16x12 407x304 A3 94.20 113.04
24x20 610x508 A2 205.50 246.60
Self-Service – our great value service
      Exc Vat Inc Vat
10x8 254x204 A5 34.12 40.94
12x10 304x254 A4 47.33 56.80
16x12 407x304 A3 70.44 84.53
24x20 610x508 A2 151.88 182.26

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    Sample Pack

    Can’t decide which paper is right for you? Then why not order one of our sample packs! – Each pack contains a range of our most popular papers including:

    Ctype Gloss, Matt, Velvet and Metallic

    B&W Fibre based Gloss and Matt and Resin Coated Lustre

    Giclee Hanemuhle Photo Rag, German Etching and Fine Art Baryta; Somerset Photo satin and Velvet Enhanced; Canson Photo Satin and Gloss

    Packs cost £6 including postage and VAT. Enter your details below to place your order. Orders placed before 4 pm on weekdays are normally dispatched the same day. Just remember to tick the Free Sample pack postage option on checkout.

    Samples of our printing, mounting and framing, can also be seen at our front of house in our London lab.

    Turnaround times


    C-type Matt & Gloss up to 100 x 76cm:  within 24 hours.
    C-type Matt & Gloss above 100 x 76cm:  within 48 hours.
    C-type Velvet up to 100 x 76cm:  within 72 hours.
    C-type Metallic, Supergloss & Duratrans: within 5 working days.

    Black & White Digital Prints: within 5 working days.

    Giclée Fine Art Prints: within 3 working days.
    Unstretched Giclée Canvas: within 5 working days.
    Stretched Giclée Canvas: within 10 working days.

    Direct to Media: within 10 working days.
    Vinyl Printing: within 10 working days.

    Mounting and Framing

    Foamex, Foamboard, Kapamount & Card: within 5 working days.
    Aluminium & Dibond: within 10 Working days.
    MDF: within 15 Working days.
    Reverse Perspex Mounting: within 15 Working days.
    Framing (includes mounting): within 15 Working days.

    Frequently asked questions

    Traditionally a darkroom printing process, Ilford Imaging (now HARMAN Technology), together with Metro’s own Steve Macleod, developed their B&W papers in order to be exposed via digital output printers such as our Durst Lambda and Océ Lightjet and Metro Imaging are the only UK lab to offer this service. This development meant that silver gelatin prints could quickly and easily be produced at a much larger scale. Producing B&W prints digitally allows for incredibly consistent results, especially for large format editions and print runs. Both FB & RC papers produce prints up to 108 x 48 inches at their maximum size.
    Digital B&W silver gelatin prints are a Premier Service only on both Bespoke and Self-service. Our Bespoke printing can include (as part of the print cost) a one to one appointment with an expert technician, a test print and archiving the file for future editions.

    Both of our C Type (Chromogenic) and Digital B&W prints are produced with archival photographic, light-sensitive papers exposed digitally. When printing a B&W image using a colour paper there will always be a colour cast of some degree, usually green or magenta. Whilst the C Type process uses colour papers and chemistry, our HARMAN GDS B&W papers contain no colour dyes and are exposed with B&W chemistry, resulting in ‘true’ blacks with no colour cast.

    For digital B&W prints, the turnaround time is within three working days for a test print, and a further three working days for the finals (pending test approval).

    The turnaround time for traditional darkroom silver gelatin Hand Prints from negatives is five working days.