Black & White Photo Printing

When it comes to professional black & white printing, Metro is the only print lab in the UK to produce silver gelatin prints from digital files. Our B&W prints are ‘true’ black and white, without the colour cast you would usually find in C Types and Giclées, due to their colour printing process.

Whether you’d like to work with us online or in our London studio, we are confident we have a service to meet your individual needs.

We offer three premier HARMAN GDS papers to fit your needs, fibre-based Gloss, fibre-based Matt or resin-coated, producing the same high-quality printing as our C Type prints, but with B&W chemical processing.

Our digital B&W papers can be printed up to 108 x 48 inches, either through our in-house Bespoke Service or ordering online. We can also offer B&W hand printing from negatives up to 20 x 24 inches.

It is not only the superior quality of the prints produced – whether they be silver gelatin, c-type, or archival pigment prints – but also Metro's high level of customer service that makes them a pleasure to work with.

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Our range of Black and White Photographic Papers

>Fibre-based Gloss

Fibre-based Gloss

HARMAN GDS Fibre-based Baryta paper has a gloss finish and slight texture, the emulsion is based upon traditional B&W silver halide technology. It has excellent D-Max, sharpness and surface finish that will give a superb continuous tone. Our FB paper is also great for pairing with Giclée Fine Art Baryta prints. Find out more
>Fibre-based Matt

Fibre-based Matt

HARMAN GDS Fibre-based paper with a double-weight Baryta matt finish. It is a silver gelatin, premium quality, panchromatic photographic paper. This paper has been designed using the very latest black & white silver halide emulsion technology optimised for digital exposure, and presents a neutral image tone. Find out more


We use HARMAN GDS Resin-coated paper is a premium quality paper with a bright base tint. Along with the Fibre-based paper, RC prints will be a true B&W with no colour cast, and is a perfect paper for cooler toned images. It has a semi-matt finish, and contains fine tonal benefits of subtle highlight detail and strong blacks Find out more