Magnum Photos at Latitude Festival

Magnum Photos at Latitude Festival

21st – 25th July 2022, Faraway Forest, Henham Park, Suffolk

With the festival season back in full flow, Magnum Photos Agency and Latitude Festival collaborate on woodland exhibition.

Metro Imaging has been producing external exhibitions for Latitude Festival for over ten years and this year we present Magnum Photos: Protest exhibition. Printed directly onto Foamex using our Direct to Media service this is the perfect way to present an exhibition of this type.


Of the most universally recognisable images in photography, many are photographs of protest. There exists a myriad of reasons why these images gain such a heightened place in public consciousness. This exhibition examines the ways in which Magnum photographers have documented protest and resistance throughout history, and the resonance that these images hold across time.

The curation captures the different ways in which protests can manifest: from people on the streets exercising their objection to portraits of individuals, famous or unknown, whose acts of resistance, however small or epic, were immortalised in a photograph and adopted by millions

as representative of something meaningful to their cause. Captured on camera, individual acts of defiance, often
part of larger protests, have gone on to become symbolic of the movement they represent.

The exhibition is presented in the Faraway Forest as part of the festival Arts Programme. Follow Hyperlinks for more information and look out for regular Metro Imaging Instagram posts for more updates.

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