Breaking Barriers Exhibition 2019: Belonging

Breaking Barriers Charity annual exhibition returns this year with a collection of portraits and interviews featuring Breaking Barriers members, all of them refugees or from a refugee background.

This series of photographs tells the extraordinary stories of the refugees’ lives, journeys and personal dreams, through the everyday objects that reflect their experiences. All of the people featured chose an item of importance which represents their sense of belonging in a new community and reflects their values and hopes for the future. From birds symbolising freedom to medals in recognition of dedication, each piece is different in the same way they are.

Curated by Juliet Stevenson, Breaking Barriers Ambassador, the exhibition features 10 people who have been supported through the charity’s Employment Services. A collective of photographers and journalists worked with the clients to portray them as they want to be seen, as individuals with different perspectives, responding to the refugee coverage in mainstream media which lacks this narrative.

Metro Imaging are happy to be supporting this wonderful show for a consecutive year, producing beautiful images printed on C-type professional photographic paper and low tack self-adhesive Vinyl for the exhibition.


Tuesday 29th October – Saturday 2nd November

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