This week visual artist Felicity Hammond launches her latest installation ‘World Capital’ at arebyte Gallery, London City.

Over the past few years, we’ve worked closely with Hammond via our Direct to Media service, producing her unique collage works on acrylic and phototex vinyl, enabling her to create large impactful sculptural prints and installations.

For ‘World Capital’ Conversations about the homogenisation of the built environment have taken many forms. From Walter Benjamin’s writings about the effect of capitalism on nineteenth century Paris, to Ian Nairn’s scathing review of the growing ubiquity of town planning, the crisis surrounding urban identity has been and will continue to be widely contested.

In ​World Capital​ the conversation turns towards the way that digital technologies have influenced the global image of the city. Offering a commentary on the role that the computer-generated architectural proposition plays in the increasing uniformity of the urban realm, the work outlines the ways in which the proliferation of the virtual world has contributed to urban indifference.

Combining images used to market contemporary housing alongside relics of the industrial past, the work collides local history with the global image that supersedes it. Re-imagining the Great Thames flood of 1928 which destroyed much of the site of the exhibition (now known as London City Island) World Capital recalls the area’s industrial and troublesome past, propelling its history into the near future.


In addition, World Capital is running an interactive programme of events alongside the exhibition:

– Panel discussion: ​Clare Melhuish, Monica Degen, Adam Brown and Felicity Hammond 10th May, 6.30 – 8.30pm

– Reading Group, 11th May, 4-6pm

– Walking Tour of Canning Town and the surrounding area, led by Debbie Kent 18th May, 1-3pm


arebyte Gallery, 7 Botanic Square, Canning Town, London, E14 0LG


April 30 – May 18th




Perfect your digital image files ahead of this year’s Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. Book a bespoke appointment at our Clerkenwell production lab and sit with one of our expert technicians, who will then prepare and optimise your digital file(s), ready to go for Round I of this prestigious photographic award.

For £5.00+VAT booking fee*, you can have a tailored appointment to see how our technicians would work on your file, optimising your file while you oversee the outcome and compare. If you’re happy with the work produced you can take away your fully prepared Metro file for an additional £20.00+VAT, all set for you to then enter it directly to TWPPP19 for Round I judging.

Or, if you prefer your image file in its original edit and keep it as is, there is no extra cost to your booking fee. Hopefully, you’ll have had a bit of insight and advice from our technicians on preparing your digital images files, all while enjoying a nice cup of tea.


Last day and time for a technician appointment will be 16.00 Tuesday 11 June 2019.


For booking your TWPPP19 ROUND I appointment contact our production team on 020 7865 0000 or email enquiries@metroimaging.co.uk with reference TWPPP19 Round I.


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Applications to TWPPP19 must be received in advance by 23.59 on Tuesday 11 June 2019 via their website.


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For those who progress to ROUND II of TWPPP19, we will archive your digital file and create your printed portrait at a discount, along with the option for us to package, label, sleeve and deliver the finished print. We will release full info on our offer once Round I is complete.

We catch-up with photographic artist Mandy Williams ahead of her upcoming solo show ‘Beyond The Reach of Rivers‘, launching at Fishing Quarter Gallery next month…

Tell us about Beyond the Reach of Rivers, your forthcoming exhibition at Fishing Quarter Gallery.

I saw Donovan Wylie’s Lighthouse exhibition – curated by Photoworks – at the Fishing Quarter Gallery last October during Brighton Photo Fringe. I loved the exhibit and space and thought the gallery would be a great location to show my two sea series: Sea Level and Beyond Land. Beyond the Reach of Rivers is the 3rd exhibition I’ve had since moving back to London. The title is taken from Loren Eiseley, an anthropologist whose writings frequently reference our evolutionary connection to the sea. The two series that make up the exhibition are quite different to one another but both reflect our innate desire to be close to the ocean, to gaze into and be immersed by the sea.

Sea Level, which I began in 2016, will be exhibited as large black and white fibre prints. It is the more personal series, photographed in the Sussex town where I lived as a teenager. Moving there from London was strange and unsettling but spending time by the sea was a refuge. The beach shelters stretched from the west side of town to east of the pier, and I would often hang out there after school to look at the waves, the shimmering light and blues of the horizon. The Sea Level photographs are taken at high tide when the shelters are empty. Their windows are weathered and dusty and marked with graffiti. The view of the sea through this prism produces images that are often quite abstract. Dust and neglect become part of the image, reinforcing the sense of melancholy which runs through many seaside towns.

The second series, Beyond Land, will be shown as large colour Giclee prints. Begun in July 2016, the work is a response to the EU referendum result with its renewed emphasis on Britain as an island nation, geographically and psychologically separate from Europe. The photographs take place at causeways that reveal themselves at low tide and connect us to the sea. They show a collective march to the water’s edge which appears both natural and ritualistic. The line of people following disappearing paths out into the ocean not only documents our innate connection to the sea but can also be viewed as a metaphor for the times.

How would you describe your photographic style and process?

I would call it a non-traditional documentary, an experimental approach to documenting a place or telling a story. Most of the time my photographs show a location that has been compromised – either by environmental factors or by a connection to a particular narrative. It can also be disrupted by surface interventions and flaws, as in the Sea Level series.

The locations are never random; they are specific sites that I return to and obsess over. Most projects continue beyond a year. I think duration is important to see what works and to be able to refine and develop ideas.

You’ve been working closely with the Metro team in the run-up to your show. What papers have you been using and how have you found the production process?

I’ve been working with Manish to produce large-scale digital black and white fibre prints of my Sea Level series. I always come to Manish for exhibition work; he’s a wonderful printer who can get the best out of my images. I had a clear idea of how I wanted them to look and I’m very happy with these finished prints. The whole production process has been really smooth.

We know visual artists always have one eye on their next project, what’s next for you?

I want to develop the Beyond Land series in a more immersive way and have a place on the LCC MA Photography course starting in September to pursue that. I’ll also be travelling back to Canada in late summer documenting the same routes that I passed through last year, taking more images for the Skeletal Forest project that documents the effects of climate change.

Will any of the prints be available to buy?

Yes, all will be available as limited edition prints. As well as the larger prints on the display there will be additional images from both series available as smaller 12 x 16 inch prints.


All images © Mandy Williams, 1 & 3 from ‘Sea Level’, 3, 4 & 5  from ‘Beyond Land’.

This April, artist Haris Nukem opens his latest solo exhibition FAITH in Central London.

Curated by  Penelope Sonder, Head of Urban Art Dept at Chiswick Auctions, this exhibition brings together 21 unseen new works of Nukem’s portraits on the theme of faith in the 21st century. This colourful collection aims to portray the guiding ideologies that surround millennial culture and Gen Z, collaborating with a collection of exciting and inspiring creatives featuring emerging models, artists, dancers and musicians.

Metro Imaging has been lucky enough to work with Haris over the past few months, producing these colourful portrait murals as large format C-type prints which were then face mounted to acrylic. This gave the artwork a contemporary finish enabling Nukem to create his eye-catching signature.


FAITH launches April 16th and will run until April 25th in Noho Showrooms, Central London.


IMAGE courtesy of © Haris Nukem


Metro will be closed for the Easter break from 6.30pm Thursday 18th April until 8.30am Tuesday 23rd April.

The easter bank holidays will affect working day turnaround times, so if you’re looking for photographic prints before the 18th, make sure to get those orders in.

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Happy Holidays!

Metro Imaging is proud to be supporting photographer and project coordinator worker Tony Wooderson, sponsoring a very special exhibition this month.

From his role as a recovery worker with Supporting Treatment, Accommodation and Recovery in Suffolk (STARS), Tony facilitated a number of Photography-with-Mindfulness workshops for STARS clients; and from the work produced, has then curated an exhibition of 30 photographs. All work has been printed by Metro’s master printers on C-Type Matt with a window mount finish.

The idea was to encourage the participants’ creativity, using only mobile phones to take photographs. They were encouraged to deploy the habits and principles of mindfulness and basic photography skills to aid their recovery.

“As a photographer, I know there’s a clear link between mindfulness and my craft. So it seemed natural that I would try to use my love of photography to address some of the challenges being faced by the people I supported.”   

Tony ran five sessions in the weeks before Christmas last year, with the expectative that this would build confidence among participants and contribute to the overall goal, which is to consolidate recovery, enhance employability and independence.

Camera Amnesty, a charity that encourages homeless people by providing them with donated photography equipment, also teamed up for the cause, and supply all the mobile phones needed for the project.

The exhibition opened Monday 8th April at La Tour Cycle Café in Ipswich Marina and will remain there until Saturday 20th April; it will then move to Suffolk Mind, Quay Place from Tuesday 23rd April to Friday 26th April.


To watch photographer and winner of international awards for his innovative iPhone images, Simon Ellingworth video on his critique on the 10 best images from the workshops, please click here.


Exhibition Details:

8–20 April, La Tour Cycle Café, Ipswich

23–26 April, Suffolk Mind, Quay Place


1. & 2. Louise Keddy
3. & 4. Liam Roberts


This Spring, Standard Life presents Beyond the Invisible, an exhibition produced in collaboration with fashion photographer Rankin, telling the real-life stories of endometriosis sufferers and their supporters. In partnership with Endometriosis UK, Standard Life intends to shine a light on this invisible illness that affects 1 in 10 women.

With these portraits – and the campaign mission statement ‘It’s time to make this invisible condition visible to all’ – Rankin‘s objective was to show the pain, passion and uplifting beauty of these fearless women and their supporters.

”I didn’t know a huge amount about endometriosis until Standard Life approached me about collaborating on this project for their Invisible Illnesses campaign – I just couldn’t believe that one in ten women is living with this; the excruciating pain and the way it negatively affects basically every aspect of their lives. Their relationships, careers and finances suffer due to this sometimes-debilitating condition. I hope this exhibition can almost make tangible the invisible agony of endometriosis, which is so hard to understand if you are not affected.” – Rankin

Produced here in our London Lab on archival C-type Matt paper, each portrait in this series carries a hidden video which helps to tell the real-life stories of the women and men featured. To unlock the video content, scan each portrait using the ‘Beyond the Invisible AR’ app.

“Standard Life’s partnership with Endometriosis UK is the beginning of a ground-breaking Invisible Illnesses campaign. There will be more partnerships, more voices heard, more barriers broken down.” – Standard Life

The exhibition began in London in March before moving to Edinburgh earlier this month, and digitally thereafter on the site, head over to see for yourself www.beyondtheinvisible.co.uk.

You can download it by searching for ‘Beyond the Invisible AR’ on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

ALL IMAGES © RANKIN for Standard Life and Endometriosis UK.