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Metro are proud to be partners with Autograph, supporting throughout the production of exhibitions. The photography and film Art Gallery explores identity, representation, human rights, and social justice.

Metro Imaging are pleased to have printed work for the presentation of Destinerrance, an exhibition by Edgar Martins at Purdy Hicks Gallery.

Both large- and small-scale Digital C-Type Matt Prints were produced for the show, comprising of previously unseen works from Martins’ most recent projects: Siloquies and Soliloquies on Death, Life and Other Interludes (2016-17), and What Photography has in Common with an Empty Vase (2018).

Martins uses photography to develop a philosophical, quasi-scientific investigation, examining various minimalist concepts of the contemporary urban landscape. Moving between the factual and fictional, between the concrete and the metaphorical, the artist operates within a landscape of uncertainty, permanent flux, transition and opposition. Destinerrance is themed on the object of the letter as a medium of documentation, visibility, and absence, represented here through abstraction, association, with collages and investigative still lives.

Destinerrance is a term proposed by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida in his seminal book La Carte Postale. According to the author, Destinerrance combines notions of destination and destiny with error or errancy. The images included in this exhibition tap into Derrida’s conception of Destinerrance; the work explores the philosophical concept of absence and addresses a broader consideration of the status of the photograph when questions of visibility and documentation overlap.

From a humanist perspective, the work seeks to reflect on how one deals with the absence of a loved one, brought on by enforced separation. From an ontological perspective it seeks answers to the following questions: how does one represent a subject that eludes visualization, that is absent or hidden from view? How does photography address the politics of visibility in an era that privileges transparency but is also sceptical of fact? And what does it mean for photography, in an epistemological, ontological, aesthetic and ethical sense, if it does not identify with the referent but the absence of the referent?

Exhibition dates: 12 October – 10 November 2018
Opening Times: Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm & Sat 11am – 6pm

Purdy Hicks Gallery
25 Thurloe Street
London, SW7 2LQ

Information © Purdy Hicks Gallery Press Release
Images © Edgar Martins, all via www.edgarmartins.com
  1. Rothko’s death changed everything Dead man tell no tales, 2017
  2. Destinerrance Installation at Purdy Hicks Gallery, 2018
  3. Destinerrance Installation at Purdy Hicks Gallery, 2018


As main partners and official print sponsors of Brighton Photo Fringe 2018, Metro Imaging were delighted to be invited to present a show as part of the festival, showcasing a mix of artwork from our talented members of staff, as well as a selection our Metro Imaging Mentorship winners.

In 2005 Metro Imaging established a Mentorship platform to support photographers and graduates making the transition out of education or a self-taught background. The programme has gone on to be highly regarded in the industry as a vital stepping-stone into the creative industries, with notable mentees such as Felicity Hammond, Carl Bigmore, and Alexander Mourant.

This year, Metro invited LCC graduates Sophie Hambling & Shahram Saadat to curate the exhibition of Mentors & Mentees. Artefact is a mixed collection of work by current Mentorship Winners: Polly Evans, Emily Marshall, Cole Quirke, Scarlett Platel, Zoë Sim, and Nathaniel White, along with pieces by Metro’s own team: David Brazier, Nick Holyman, Patrick Kelly, Vanessa Short and Ciarán Woolcombe, all of which will be on show throughout the festival at Phoenix Brighton.

The varied group exhibition includes a mix of media, such as Black & White Hand Prints, Digital C-type printing on a range of papers, moving image, collage, Photogravures, and Bespoke Mounting & Framing.

Exhibition Details:

29 September–27 October
Wednesday-Sunday, 11am-5pm

BPF18 Collectives’ & Youth Hub
Phoenix Brighton
10-14 Waterloo Place
Brighton, BN2 9NB


Featured Images:

  1. Exhibition artwork designed by Sophie Hambling & Shahram Saadat.
  2. Ciarán Woolcombe – Owen Gaming, 2017.
    Bespoke C-type Matt Print, Matt Seal, Bespoke Tray Frame.
  3. Zoë Sim – Friston Forest Glitch 3.
    Bespoke C-type Supergloss Print, Dibond Mounting + Subframe.


This September held the launch of Marc Vallée’s solo show London & Paris 2011-2018 in Metro Imaging’s Front of House, showcasing a range of printing techniques throughout the exhibition, the process of which was documented by photographer Alexander Christie.

Having worked closely with Marc for a number of years, it has been especially fascinating to collaborate with him on this, as London & Paris 2011-2018 brings together work from multiple projects for the first time, including Writers, Number Six, Vandals and the City, The Graffiti Trucks of Paris and The Graffiti Trucks of London.

We spoke to Marc about the process of working together:

‘The bottom line with working with Metro is the quality of the work. I like the dark aesthetic of many contemporary Japanese photobooks for both my zines and prints.  Most of the prints in the Metro show are digital fibre-based silver gelatin prints which really do work and blow me away every time I look at them.’

Curated by Metro’s Steve Macleod, the exhibition hosts 19 pieces of artwork, featuring Black & White Digital Fibre-based images, printed by master Lambda operator Sean Mulcahy, mounted to Dibond in Bespoke Frames hand-crafted in our framing workshop. The exhibition also includes images printed directly onto Brushed Dibond and Foamex with our large format UV printer, plus Adhesive Vinyl.

As featured in Hero Magazine, Director Steve Macleod comments on Marc’s work:

‘Disruptive; dirty; honest and essential – this is how I would describe Marc Vallée’s practice. Marc brings our focus into sharp relief, exploring a world that is frequently overlooked and more often misunderstood. However, you do not have to fully understand the nocturnal world that Marc and his subjects often occupy, as there is a serene poetry in every image that goes beyond documentary recording.’

Marc Vallée: London & Paris 2011-2018 runs at Metro Imaging Front of House from September 14th – December 21st 2018.

Don’t miss out on the first time this collection of work has been shown altogether!

Images by: © Alexander Christie

Industry partners with BSAA, a professional development organisation that helps artists, gallerists and other creative professionals thrive in the art market.

Metro works in collaboration with Made in Arts London offering mentorship programmes, partner discounts, and talks to encourage and support emerging photographers.

Metro Imaging are proud to join forces with the Africa MediaWorks Photography Prize, a brand new platform for artists across the African continent, an important new addition to London’s photography scene, and Britain’s first major African photography prize. The competition will showcase contemporary artists who have begun to build a reputation for their high-quality work and are now being recognised globally.

A distinguished international jury of African Art experts have nominated the work of 15 photographers based in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Benin and Senegal, as well as artists with diverse African heritage working in the UK. A selected shortlist of 6 photographers will be going on display at the gallery of HKS Architects in London’s Fitzrovia. One overall winner will be announced during the opening and awarded a £5000 grant to produce a further body of work. The varied work on display includes C-typeGiclée Fine Art, and Black and White Fibre-based printing, mounted to aluminium and framed using our custom Hire Frames. The exhibition also features our Adhesive Vinyl and Direct to Media Printing.

The selected 6 artists on show are:

Laeïla Adjovi
Alun [Be]
Rahima Gambo
Sabelo Mlangeni
Adeola Olagunju
Michael Tsegaye

Metro’s Creative Director, Professor Steve Macleod, has produced and curated the exhibition in partnership with the broadcasting company and organisers, AfricaMedia Works. Read more about the exhibition in Nataal’s feature where Steve comments:

“The quality of fine-art and contemporary photography across the African continent is astonishing and should be considered in the same breath as the best photographic artistry of the West. AfricaMedia Works Photography Prize is a presentation of great works by artists that deserve more recognition. We hope the prize will become a permanent fixture on the London photography scene.”

See the full nominee information here.

Exhibition Dates:  4th – 11th October 2018
HKS Architects
Elsley House, 24–30 Great Titchfield St
London, W1W 8BF

Images © Laeïla Adjovi & Rahima Gambo

This October brings the opening of A New Beginning, the annual exhibition of the refugee employment charity Breaking Barriers, to be held at Protein Studios. Metro Imaging have been thrilled to provide production support throughout the undertaking of this group portrait exhibition, co-curated by Rebecca McClelland and Breaking Barriers. The show will display a series of portraits exploring both documentary and fashion photography, all printed directly onto Adhesive Vinyl 

A New Beginning conveys the stories of ten people, and the support the charity has provided them, via interviews by multi award-winning journalist Samira Shackle and photographic portraits taken by the photographers:

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
Nick Waplington
Caleb Femi
Campbell Addy
Diana Markosian
Jo Metson Scott
Leonie Hampton
Timur Celikdag
Leon Chew
Samin Ahmadzadeh

Subjects featured include a Syrian family arriving in the UK on an official resettlement programme, without speaking a word of English; a gay man from Egypt seeking personal freedom; a Yemeni Human Rights Advocate displaced by war; a Kurdish political activist forced to flee from Turkey after being handed a jail sentence in childhood; and a teenager from Eritrea making the wildly dangerous illegal overland journey to Britain. They are different ages, from different corners of the world, seeking refuge for a wildly varying host of reasons.

The exhibition highlights significant relationships in the refugees’ daily lives, and offers an alternative way of thinking about their individual stories and cultures, breaking with a heavily defined representation of refugees and displacement. At times, the images and stories describe harrowing journeys and challenging circumstances, but also show startling human resilience, and how hope and optimism that can emerge from personal connections. A New Beginning is a truly moving and enlightening exhibition that you won’t want to miss.

Private View: Wednesday 3rd October, 6:00pm-9:00 pm
Exhibition continues: 4th – 7th October, 8.30am-6pm

Protein Studios
1 New Inn Yard
London, EC2A 3EY

Images © Campbell Addy and Nick Waplington.

Metro Imaging are delighted to have collaborated with the Institute of Contemporary Arts in producing their latest print edition: Andy’s in Town by Marc Camille Chaimowicz (b.1947), made exclusively for the institution and available through the ICA Bookstore.

Taken in 1975, the edition is composed of multiple images Chaimowicz took on his Olympus OM-1 during the 1975 book signing for The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B & Back Again) in Foyles Bookshop on Charing Cross Road. During the event, Chaimowicz began to critically question his actions within the fandom of the situation, leaving before getting the chance to meet Warhol. Forty years later, he chanced upon an unprocessed roll of Ilford Delta 400 to find the photographs he had taken during the wait, the results of which we see here.

‘Produced as a traditional silver bromide print, the enlarged contact sheet envelops the viewer, eliciting a visceral response. Physically glossy, as Warhol himself was, the material qualities of the work communicate the essence of the era during which the photos were taken and the circumstances of their capture – through the store window. Recording, almost romantically, the action of Warhol signing his book, alongside the adoration of his fans, the edition communicates the disquieting position of the voyeur, the silent, all-absorbing watcher. Warhol, a famous voyeur himself, is here out-voyuered by Chaimowicz.’ – ICA, 2018

Chaimowicz’ images have been reproduced digitally as a single B&W Silver Gelatin, Fibre-based limited edition of 20 prints and 5APs, at 50×70″. Later this month, the edition will be accompanied by a publication of the same title, launching at Paris Internationale 2018. You will also get the chance to see the images in a future exhibition, to be produced by Chaimowicz in 2020.

The edition can be purchased directly through the ICA here.

You can also catch the edition on display with ICA (Booth 20) for Frieze Art Fair, 4th-7th October 2018.

  1. Marc Camille Chaimowicz signing the edition at Metro Imaging, 2018
  2. Image © Marc Camille Chaimowicz – Andy’s in Town, 2018 (click to enlarge)
  3. Marc Camille Chaimowicz signing the edition at Metro Imaging, 2018


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