Organising an exhibition or preparing framed prints can be a stressful situation at the best of times, not to mention when a deadline is looming. So we get some expert advice from our wonderful Production Manager Simon Turner and share his top tips on planning ahead when producing an exhibition, portfolio or edition prints for a deadline.


  1. Timing- Allow enough time to complete the work . Sometimes costing, testing images and approval /sign-off of prints takes longer than expected.
  2. Testing- You could need more than one round of test strips or prints to get it right. If quoted 3 days for a test and 3 days for a final print it may not be possible to fit in a 2nd test if required before your deadline.
  3. Printing- Prioritise the printing of your artwork. Whether you are framing here or elsewhere, it is good to allow enough time to get the print right and not be under pressure to get the work off for framing, mounting, etc. you’ll just end up rushing your final prints – which is more important the printed image or the frame?
  4. Finishing- Your schedule will need to allow for framing and finishing off  of prints. For example, if printing takes 5 working days and framing an additional 15 days that the whole job takes 20 working days (not 15).
  5. Be prepared – always plan your schedule and budget well ahead of your deadline! 


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