William Joshua Templeton: Ways and Means

William Joshua Templeton: Ways and Means, River Pollution in England

Metro Imaging has been collaborating with artist and environmental campaigner William Joshua Templeton in the production of archival Giclee prints in support of his upcoming publication launch ‘Ways and Means: River Pollution in England.’

Published by la Mentale Editions, and shot in 2021 – 22 across England on expired 120mm film (to question the idea of waste), the project explores the rapidly declining health of English rivers which are at risk from sewage pollution and chemicals from agriculture and industry.

Rivers are a place for play, celebration, love, development, and exploration. They provide a remedy for both physical and mental illness, a focus on the community, a place to live, a source of power, water, and food. An incredible gift from nature and central to our survival. William focuses on rivers to highlight a relatable climate problem, inspiring the viewer to ask what rivers mean to them, how they are connected to the problems, and also encouraging them to act to save them. ‘As a society we have choices, and we can make a difference. If we pollute the water, we pollute ourselves.’

As a Hahnemuhle Platinum Certified Studio, we have opted to produce archival Giclee prints on a Natural Line Agave paper which is in line with our ongoing commitment to sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact. We have also framed the works for the supporting launch exhibition.

The publication will be launched at Torbay Gallery, Hackney on Friday 9th February with further dates set for Bristol and Oxford – please link here for tickets and information.

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