What Is Baryta Paper?

Baryta Giclée papers were developed to replicate the traditional manufacture of analogue darkroom papers, including a barium sulphate layer incorporated into the coating – this coating provides excellent black density (dmax), contrast and quality and was first used to primarily print B&W digital images to mimic darkroom prints. It’s funny how times change as barium sulphate is no longer used in many analogue darkroom papers!

You may want to use the Baryta range of papers for your Giclée printing as they are the perfect choice to enhance the detail and definition of images. You get the added benefit of extended tonal range and excellent archival properties and it is particularly suited to images that require high contrast and wide colour gamut. The heavy weight (325gsm) also reinforces the high quality character of this product, providing the look and feel of an analogue darkroom print.

As with all Giclée papers we recommend care when handling and to print with a border if possible as the emulsion is quite sensitive. At Metro Imaging we offer Baryta Giclée prints up to 84×60” (2133x1524mm).

We offer the following types of printing

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