Black & White Printing: Choose the Right Paper for Your Work

When choosing how to print your Black & White images we would recommend our B&W Printing options over our C-type or Giclée services to ensure the best results in your print. Choosing a Silver Gelatin print completely prevents the colour cast you would usually find due to colour printing processes.

At Metro Imaging, we offer a range of B&W printing options: from traditional B&W Hand Printing to Digital Silver Gelatin Prints. We’re also the only print lab in the UK to produce B&W fibre-based prints from digital files, Metro’s Steve Macleod having worked directly with Harman in producing the paper itself.

Both of our B&W Silver Gelatin and C-Type prints are produced with archival, light-sensitive papers specifically designed to be exposed with a digital enlarger. When printing a B&W image using a colour process, such as the C-Type, there will always be a colour cast of some degree, usually green or magenta – this is due to the colour dye within the print. Our HARMAN GDS B&W papers contain no colour dyes and are exposed with B&W chemistry, resulting in ‘true’ blacks with no colour cast, despite being exposed with the standard RGB colour laser on our Lambda Printer.

We offer three premier HARMAN GDS papers to fit your needs, a resin-coated finished and two fibre-based options:

– Fibre-based Baryta (Gloss): This double-weight paper has a gloss finish and slight texture, the emulsion is based upon traditional B&W silver halide technology. It has excellent D-Max, sharpness and surface finish that will give a superb continuous tone. Our FB paper is also great for pairing with Giclée Fine Art Baryta prints when printing colour and B&W images together.

– Fibre-based Baryta (Matt): This is a double-weight paper with a matt finish and smooth texture. It is a silver gelatin premium quality panchromatic photographic paper. This paper has been designed using the very latest black & white silver halide emulsion technology optimised for digital exposure and presents a neutral image tone.

– Resin-coated: This is a premium quality paper with a bright base tint, and it is a perfect paper for cooler-toned images. It has a semi-matt finish and contains fine tonal benefits of subtle highlight detail and strong blacks.

Our digital B&W papers can be printed up to 108 x 48 inches, either through our Premier Bespoke Service or Premier Self Service online.

We recommend having a look at the papers themselves before ordering. Either drop by our lab or order a Sample Pack here.

Lastly, we are proud to still offer B&W hand printing straight from the negative, using the traditional darkroom method. Our Master Printer can match and reproduce your image consistently; however, due to the technique, each one is technically unique. We offer a range of papers, fibre-based to resin-coated, in a number of finishes and tones. Our maximum Hand Print size is 20 x 24 inches.

1. Digital Fibre-based Gloss Print.
2. Left to Right: Digital Fibre-based Matt Print, Digital Fibre-based Gloss Print.
3. Digital Resin-coated Print.

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