Metro Imaging is the first UK-based, integrated tagging and certification reseller of Tagsmart’s technology. Tagsmart is a British tech company offering a complete art certification, DNA tagging and provenance cataloguing solution designed to build a new level of trust in the art market.

A DNA tag is a highly-secure label that can be applied to an artwork. It uses archival materials, including synthetic DNA, developed in collaboration with leading artists, surface chemists and conservators to ensure minimum interference with the artwork.

>Tags for Printed Work

Tags for Printed Work

The paper tag is a paper mask that is 32mm in diameter and only 30 microns thick. All Tagsmart tags contain synthetic DNA which was synthesised in a lab, as opposed to the naturally occurring DNA that determines our genetic structure. It is hard to identify and is highly durable.
>Tags for Mounted or Framed Work

Tags for Mounted or Framed Work

The transfer tag is an ink transfer (hence where it gets its name) that is 38mm in diameter and just 8 microns thick. It bonds directly to aluminium, plywood, foam board and most other hard surfaces.
>Tagging Original Artworks

Tagging Original Artworks

As well as offering DNA tags as part of the Metro printing service, we can also tag works that have already been created. If you are interested in tagging existing works, feel free to pop by the lab with your artwork and we will take care of the rest!
>Prices & Turnaround Times

Prices & Turnaround Times

The turnaround times will vary depending on the nature of your order, however, it shouldn’t take longer than 24hr on top of the turnaround times for your existing order. Please get in touch to know more about the price range.
> How it works

How it works

Our Metro x Tagsmart collaboration service is only available via Metro Bespoke. You can order your tags at the same time that you place a printing or framing order. Just let us know via email, over the phone, or at the front desk, and we will then include it in your approved quote.