How to Sell Your Photo and Art Prints Online

Sell your photo and art prints online without the hassle…

If you want to sell your images online, hassle free and safe in the knowledge that your work is being produced to the best possible standard, by a professional and renowned print lab, then our service is for you. We take care of payment, fulfilment, delivery and any returns allowed by the distance selling regulations.

How it Works

Simply upload your images to your own fully customisable web page, allowing your clients to buy your prints straight from you. You can create as many galleries as you like, to truly show off your range of work; from limited edition prints to single art sales. You set the sizes offered, prices, paper types and finishes and we will take care of the rest.

You then share this web page via your own website or more commonly now, by social media.

Behind the scenes, we will take payment for you, your high-resolution file is retrieved from our server; your print is produced, checked, packed, labelled and posted without you lifting a finger!

There’s no set up fee, or ongoing costs, just a simple 10% commission on whatever your mark up is on any sales. Payments of your mark up are paid monthly


Supplying Your Printable Files

Files for printing should be made available via a Dropbox link to printsales@metroimaging.co.uk or via services such as wetransfer.com. Please remember to label all images: firstname_lastname_print_title and as flattened tif files. The files need to be large enough for printing to the maximum size offered for sale. We would recommend ordering yourself a print before you offer your work for sale, using self service premier, to ensure you are happy with the service offered.

Production costs

By default, production costs are based on Metro Imaging Self Service prices. This can be changed for clients who prefer a bespoke editions service by contacting us.

Our commission

To give you the best chance of selling your images online, and to provide high level security for your clients, we use PayPal as our payment gateway. The 10% charged to you is to cover these transfer costs between you, the client and us, as a handling fee.

How do I get paid

To receive payment for the commission due, you will need to invoice Metro Imaging Ltd for the commission amounts shown in sales. Adding vat if you are vat registered. Metro Imaging will make payments to your invoice details using a Bacs payment direct to your bank account.

For more details please email: printsales@metroimaging.co.uk

We offer the following types of printing

For more information about our services, or for help ordering, please get in touch