Sarah Jones – Gazing Ball

Sarah Jones – Gazing Ball

Anton Kern Gallery, New York – October 26th to December 16th, 2023

Sarah Jones’ new and recent work considers the medium of photography as just that: a medium, a receptor, a conductor, a transmitter. Metro Imaging has collaborated with Sarah in creating these to-life scale photographs in her sixth solo exhibition at Anton Kern Gallery, suggesting a parallel realm, an optical space to be immersed in. This is a distinctly photographic realm where time is stilled, and subjects are distilled; are held in suspension, in limbo. Through lighting, day collapses into night and space is condensed. A labyrinthine thread is drawn between works, looping references, sightings, and citations, like the cadence of a poem.

Subjects are drawn from everyday life: cultivated plants in public parks, collected objects set up in her studio and recorded with her large format analogue view camera. The screen reoccurs in her small studio works. Here, the screen is both a void to fall into and a surface to project on to, like the cinema, a phone, or a laptop. A delicate receptor of touch in Mimosa (Actor) (1). A plant bends towards the bright light of day in Torch Lilly (Icarus) (I1), a photograph that captures a moment of phototropism, whilst Vitrine (111) contains the empty mirrored plinth. Other plants on location, set into a photographic night, are reversed and flipped to form diptychs. They unfold in and on themselves – mirroring – outwards and back again. For Jones, the diptych is a skewing device, a way to view the world in another light, like stereographic photographs or Da Vinci’s mirror writing.

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