Which Photo Mounting Material Should I Use?

To assist you with deciding which option to use – we have a full set of mounting samples in reception to help you choose.
To help you decide which material to use we have prepared a chart that outlines the relative benefits of each substrate.

 Substrate  Weight  Max Size  Rigidity  Durability  Archival?
 Card  Ultra-light  1500 x1280 mm  Poor  Poor  Yes
 Foamex  Light  3000 x 2000 mm  Poor  Good  No
 Foamboard  Ultra-light  2440 x 1220 mm  OK  Poor  No
 MDF  Heavy  3000 x 1512 mm  Excellent  Excellent  No
 Aluminium  Medium Light  3000 x 2000 mm  Good  Excellent  Yes
 Dibond  Light  3000 x 2000 mm  Excellent  Excellent  Yes
 Kapamount  Light  3050 x 1530 mm  Good  Good  Yes
 Acrylic  Medium-Heavy  3000 x 2000 mm  Good  Excellent  Yes

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