Metro’s Tips From The Experts: Printing With A Technician

With over 37 years of experience working within the visual arts industry Metro prides itself on the creative experts that make up our diverse team- from print technicians and retouchers to framers, scanners and client care – what our team don’t know about photography and print production just isn’t worth knowing!

This week’s tips come from one of our expert senior print technicians –the infamous Mr. Manish Patel. He shares his advice with us on preparing your files to get the best for your photographic or art prints using our in-lab Bespoke Services.

1. Don’t sharpen or crop any aspect of your image file until you have decided on the final print size, it could limit the size you can go to if you start tweaking before this.

2. If using RAW files save the .xmp (which can be done in LightRoom or Photoshop), so when we open your files in the lab we can work on your edited or layered file accordingly.

3. Leave time for testing. You may think you just need to print the files straight to your ‘go to paper’, but we have such a variety of photographic and fine art papers at Metro that experimenting with different substrates could open up a whole new element to your work.

4. Don’t hesitate to come in and view your work on our calibrated screens with a print technician, we’re here to help you get the best from your image files.

5. FYI most of us printers love Rum 😉

See our Bespoke Printing Services for more info or to discuss your project plans with our lovely staff just pop in or call 020 7865 0000 for an appointment.

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