Metro Spring Showcase: Alexander Mourant 

We love showcasing our clients artwork in our front of house gallery, and even through we may not be able to open our doors and show you around right now, we can certainly introduce you to the artists and the work we’ll be exhibiting as part of our 2020 Spring Showcase.

Our next artist in the spotlight is Alexander Mourant, a London based artist, focusing mainly on longterm landscape projects through a mix of analogue processes. His work has been included in publications such as FT Weekend Magazine, British Journal of Photography, Photograph, Unseen Magazine and The Greatest Magazine. Recent solo shows include Aomori at The Old Truman Brewery and Unseen Amsterdam, alongside group shows at Jersey Arts Centre and Peckham 24.

How would you describe your process and practice?

I’ve noticed how my practice and interests are never fixed, they tend to shift and move around. However, in terms of approach, I do often have a concrete idea that I work towards. So, I wouldn’t say my practice is spontaneous. As I’m very conceptually driven, I construct the entire work in my head: how it should look, feel and exist. My work often goes through a rigorous process of ticking boxes, or meeting requirements, before I make it. It has to work on many levels before I decide to produce it. And that’s a hard thing to do. Having said that, I try to stay open to unforeseen happenings within the process.

Do you feel printing your images is an important aspect of your artwork?

Very much so. I think many artists have commented on the nature of translation, of image into paper, which brings with it new sensations of texture and scale. Something happens here which can’t entirely be predicted. I also feel each image gravitates towards a specific size; as the maker, I just get a sense that it wants to be this or that. Of course, some images, rare ones, can happily move between various scales, and that’s something I haven’t quite grasped yet. My works tend to find their ground and dig in.

Tell us about the particular image you chose to show at Metro Imaging for the Spring Showcase…

I’ve chosen Blue Tree, from my series Aomori (2017). It’s a body of work which I produced at Metro Imaging, and exhibited at The Old Truman Brewery, as part of my Free Range Award solo show. Aomori meaning “blue forest” in Japanese, is a synthesis of two existential ideas: the forest and the nature of blue.

Do you have any new projects or exhibitions planned for 2020 that you can tell us about?

Currently, I’m juggling some long-term personal projects and a private commission. However, I’m leading up to my graduate showcase from the Royal College of Art, which will be on show in June/July 2020. I’ll be showing unseen work which is an exciting new direction for my practice.

Could you share with us the best career advice you received to date?

I think one of the best pieces of advice I received was to never release work before it’s ready. That’s something I’ve been dealing with over the last few months, so it’s fresh in my mind. I guess it relates to being patient, and with the nature of artwork, you can’t rush it.

You can see more of Alexander’s work on his website and Instagram feed, and once we’re back-up and running you’ll see his beautiful image in our front of house gallery as part of Metro’s Spring Showcase. Stay tuned to our news feed for more interviews with our Front of House artists.

IMG © Alexander Mourant, Blue Tree, 2017, from series Aomori
IMG 2 © Aomori, The Old Truman Brewery, London, 2018
IMG 2 © Aomori, The Old Truman Brewery, London, 2018


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