How can you contribute and be a green Metro client?

Here are a few suggestions for you on how to be a greener and more conscious photographer and consumer:

  1. You could help us minimise the use of plastic bag by bringing your own one for collection of your order.
  2. Please, return the post tubes where your artwork was rolled if you don’t longer need them.
  3. Drop your film roll containers with us to donate them, or collect them for free if you have a use for them in mind.
  4. Use rechargeable batteries for your camera, and always dispose them in authorised recycling points, such as selected superstores.
  5. Try acid-free fine art papers every now and then. At Metro, we offer beautiful Giclée papers for you to choose, which are acid-free.
  6. Experiment Direct to Media printing on recycled, reused, or existing substrates, and give your work and artistic twist.
  7. Another important thing for all of us to consider is to shop locally. Metro Lab is all 100% London based, meaning less carbon footprint.


Metro and the planet will thank you;)

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