Edgar Martins exhibition MNAC, Lisbon

‘There’s a shite stunk in the Air…Dad’s oot oan Bail!’

Edgar Martins Exhibition, MNAC, Lisbon

This new exhibition by Martins is a comprehensive and original take on his award winning literary and artistic project What Photography and Incarceration have with an Empty vase, a multifacted body of work developed from a project wotking with inmates in the Midlands, UK as well as with their families and a myriad of local organisations and locals.

Using the social context of incarceration as a starting point, Martins explores the philosophical concept of absence, and addresses a broader consideration of the status of the photograph when questions of visibility, ethics, aesthetics, ontology and documentation intersect.

By giving a voice to inmates and their families and addressing prison as a set of social relations rather than a mere physical space, Martins’ work proposes to rethink and counter the sort of imagery normally associated with incarceration.

One of Metro Imaging‘s Master Printers, Jason Tasker has worked closely with Edgar for many years and we are proud to have collaborated on this new exhibition.

The exhibition runs from may through to the 22nd August 2022.


Edgar Martins MNAC Lisbon

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