Autumn Artist Spotlight

Autumn Artist Spotlight

Metro Imaging and Metro Framing have been busy in production working on several major exhibitions and artworks.

Hannah Starkey at the Hepworth, Wakefield

The Hepworth Wakefield presents the first major survey of British photographer Hannah Starkey, tracing the development of her work across two decades. Starkey’s meticulously choreographed photographs have determinedly engaged with how women are represented in contemporary culture, an issue which is now centre stage.

‘Starkey: In Real Life’, reveals women in moments of private reflection, alienation or social interaction that might otherwise go unseen: a woman fleetingly fascinated by another woman’s reflection, or the attentive gaze of a mother carrying her child. Meanwhile, the large scale of her images suggests the recording of a monumental event. She is also witness to the powerful presence of women in our cities, from those she encountered growing up in Belfast to women and girls at recent street protests in London.

On display are photographs from Starkey’s graduation show in 1997 that immediately brought her widespread acclaim, through to a newly commissioned body of work created with young women in Wakefield in 2022.

The exhibition runs until 30 April 2023.

All images ©HannahStarkey / TanyaBonakdarGallery/MaureenPaleyGallery

Calum Colvin at the British Academy

Calum Colvin OBE RSA FRSE was commissioned by the British Academy to produce a permanent artwork for the Academy collection based in London. The artwork depicts past Honorary Academicians including Bertrand Russell; Baroness Brenda Hale; artist Henry Moore and Mary Warnock, the former Supreme Court President.

Metro imaging and Metro Framing scanned Calum’s large format transparency documenting the artwork. The scan was then printed as a large Ctype print, before being framed in a solid walnut Jacobean stained frame which will hang permanently in the Academy lobby.

The Academy has a long history of supporting the arts and is proud to be the custodian of a rich and varied collection of art. The display of over 100 works include paintings, ceramics, prints, textiles and sculpture. Traditional oils and bronzes complement the historic building, while contemporary art by British artists asserts the modernity of the Academy’s outlook.

Images ©CalumColvin2022.



Hannah Starkey exhibition

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