Metro’s Eco-Friendly Practices

In Metro, we reuse packaging and shipping materials such as the postal tubes and the bubble wrap, yet never compromising the packaging care and quality.

Also, we encourage our clients to do the same and to return the post tubes where their artwork was rolled if they don’t longer need them. In the same way, we encourage customers to help us bringing their own bags, with the aim to reduce the use of branded plastic bags.

Of course, there’s no reuse and reduce without recycling. At Metro, we get to save a lot of film roll containers and make them available for interested customers to collect them for free for craft activities at schools or other recycling activities.

Moreover, we have specific paper bins and recycle all paper and cardboard; in the same way, we recycle all the rest of the waste via an outside paid company. Plus, all chemical waste is recycled and taken to a special treatment site where it’s processed for the recovery of silver, which is then sold to the precious metals market.

Another important thing for all of us to consider is to shop locally. Metro Lab is all 100% London based, meaning less carbon footprint.


At the same time, in Metro Framing department we would:

  1. Recycle our waste glass and scrap aluminium. Eg. DTM tests.
  2. Source our mouldings from sustainable tree farming as much as possible.
  3. Use moulding cut-offs for the manufacture of other frames when given the possibility.
  4. Offer hire frame service when there is no need for the production of new ones.
  5. All materials are cut to size from larger sheets in order to avoid waste.


Finally, we would like to say that by 2020, Metro Imaging would be moving towards all packaging materials being one hundred per cent recyclable!

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