Metro Spring Showcase: Madeleine Charruaud

We love showcasing our clients artwork in our front of house gallery, and even through we may not be able to open our doors and show you around right now, we can certainly introduce you to the artists and the work we’ll be exhibiting as part of our 2020 Spring Showcase*.

Our next artist in the spotlight is ‘Madeleine Charruaud’ (aka Poppy Magda) , an illustrator and creator based in Lyon, France. Madeleine’s has illustrated for Fashion Brands and Magazines such as: Le journal des Femmes, Version Femina, Maison Thevenon, The Lily at Washington Post, SunGlass Hut and more. She will be exhibiting four artworks at our Front of House Gallery later in the year.

How would you describe your style and practice?

My work is primarily digital, I use photoshop for my illustration work because it allows me to quickly get in shape and colour what I have in mind. As being derived from a 3D digital image formation I like the contact with my graphics tablet. At the very beginning i was working for myself, then I start sharing my work and i get some positive returns, so i carry on that way and i star working for other as if i had an audience and now i dream about making more and more collaborations of all sort and mixing my artworks with different horizon.

Tell us about the particular illustrations you chose to show at Metro Imaging for spring Showcase…

The chosen images are all part of my series named ‘POULE DE LUXE’ a collection that celebrate women and their beauty. I chose these ones because first these are recent creation and second of all, I do like the fact that they represent a good sample of the notion of “diversity” quite important in my work in general. I see beauty in all cultures and all women.

Why did you choose ‘Somerset Enhanced’ Giclée paper for your artworks?

Because after testing quite different types of paper it is this one who gave the best rendering in terms of pigments and vibrance of colours. I just love it!

Do you have any new projects or exhibitions have you planned for 2020 that you can tell us about?

Nothing quite settled yet but I’m looking forward to do more exhibitions abroad, outside of my hometown would be fantastic

Could you share with us the best career advice you received to date?

“Remember that If they come to you it is because they need you and your talent vision, so believe in yourself and stay true to your values” …


You can see more of Madeleine’s work on her website and Instagram feed, and once we’re back-up and running you’ll see her two images printed on pineapple paper on show in our front door gallery as part of Metro’s Spring Showcase.

Stay tuned to our news feed for more interviews with our Front of House artists.

* Metro Spring Showcase exhibition launch to be announced at a later date.
IMG © 1. ‘Poule de Luxe N°40 YAYA’ from series ‘POULE DE LUXE’, Madeleine Charruaud
IMG © 2. ‘Chinese Muse’ from series ‘POULE DE LUXE’, Madeleine Charruaud
IMG © 3 . ‘Poule de Luxe N°36 BLANCA / The Dreamer’  from series ‘POULE DE LUXE’, Madeleine Charruaud

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