How to Guides

For those clients using our ‘Self-Service’ printing option, you can refer to the following guides to set up your files ready for printing.

How to make a print


Use our step-by-step guide for perfect prints

“Self-Service” is a professional quality service that brings together our expertise in colour-management with your expertise in Photoshop. Although it is possible to upload any file, from phone camera, digital camera or scan, we would strongly advise that you follow the following steps to prepare your file from within Photoshop to ensure the best results every time:

Bespoke Service

Bespoke Service clients don’t need to calibrate their files, however for accurate colour matching when not coming in to view your files on screen, it is better to convert raw files to Tifs or high quality Jpegs.


  1. Cropping your image for print
  2. Sizing your image file in Photoshop
  3. Adding borders in Photoshop
  4. Saving your file for print

If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop; or you would prefer to try the in-built tools on the website to do so? This is totally possible. But just incase you get stuck, we have prepared a few tutorials to help you out.

  1. Uploading your file
  2. Choosing your print media and size
  3. Adding borders
  4. Checking order settings, registering and choosing delivery options

If you get stuck at any point, then please do contact us Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 6.30pm