Professional C Type Photo Printing

For professional C Type photo printing, look no further than Metro. We offer professional photo printing services online or in-house, with worldwide delivery available. Our C Type prints are produced with laser rather than LED printers, which creates a much sharper, high quality, real photographic print.

We only use professional photographic papers supplied by Fuji and Kodak, ranging from the classic C Type semi-matt, gloss, pure-matt velvet to metallic papers.

We are able to produce the largest and best professional C Type prints in the UK. Our prints can go up to 120 x 72 inches, giving you a huge choice when it comes to producing prints.

At Vogue and National Portrait Gallery we really can say, without any question how much we appreciated all the work Metro put in.
— Robin Muir, Vogue 100

Types of photographic and fine art printing

>Fuji Crystal Archive Paper

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper

Available in Classic Matt or Gloss up to 50 inches. Print time: Under 40 x 30 inches one working day, over 40 x 30 inches, two working days. This paper uses optimised Silver Halide Crystals producing excellent prints from laser printers, and it's considered to be the industry standard for photographic art printing. Find out more
>Kodak Professional Ultra Endura Paper

Kodak Professional Ultra Endura Paper

Available in Classic Matt or Gloss. Print time: Over 50 inches to 120 inches two working days. An all-round winner for colour printing as it’s possible to print directly onto it from both film and digital media. This is a resin-coated paper giving rich colours with great flesh tones, as well as intense blacks. Find out more
>Fujicolour Crystal Archive Velvet Paper

Fujicolour Crystal Archive Velvet Paper

Print time: three working days If you want a dead matt print on a true photographic C Type paper, then Fuji's new 'velvet' is for you. This paper has a wonderfully creamy texture with muted tones that works well for low-contrast, black and white or colour images. Find out more
>Kodak Professional Endura Metallic Paper

Kodak Professional Endura Metallic Paper

Print time: Under 40 x 30 inches one working day, over 40 x 30 inches, two working days. This paper has a distinctive glossy finish and metallic appearance that works well with both colour and black and white images, providing a visually different aspect to your work. Find out more
>Fujiflex Crystal Archive Paper or 'Supergloss'

Fujiflex Crystal Archive Paper or 'Supergloss'

Fujiflex is a reflective silver halide colour printing paper on a super high gloss PET base for professional use at the highest level, designed exclusively for digital output on large-format laser printers, such as our Lightjet or optimum high-quality images. Find out more