Metro Imaging was one of the first UK photo imaging companies to introduce a bespoke Limited Edition print service for photographers and artists. The demand for limited edition runs of prints is expanding and with that, there comes a responsibility for establishing both quality and provenance.

We work very closely with clients to produce high-quality master prints. Once these prints are produced any further run on or edition is guaranteed to be consistent with the first print. Our specialist printers and technicians work – machines are regularly calibrated and serviced to ensure continuity and printers liaise directly with clients to maximise the working partnership.

>What is Limited Edition Prints?

What is Limited Edition Prints?

In printmaking, an edition is a number of prints struck from one plate, usually at the same time. Most artists produce only limited editions, normally signed by the artist and numbered to show the specific print number and the total edition size.
>Signing your work:

Signing your work:

We invite all our bespoke clients to come into the lab to sign their prints anytime they need. Also, we can facilitate stamping or embossing on our clients' behalves if they require so.
>Available on our Premier Bespoke Service:

Available on our Premier Bespoke Service:

We can help you create limited edition prints of your art and photography via our Bespoke Premier service.
>List of Prices & Turnaround Times:

List of Prices & Turnaround Times:

The turnaround times for limited edition prints will vary depending on the type of your print and the number to be produced. Please, contact us to discuss your project and we will provide you with all the necessary information.