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We offer student discounts on our Bespoke Printing and in-house services:

Bespoke C-types & Silver Gelatin: 30%
Bespoke Giclees, DTM & Vinyl: 20%
Film processing 20%
High-quality Drum and CCD film scans 30%
Retouching 30%
Mounting & Framing: 10%

For our Self-service printing and mounting, students, or ideally their course lecturer, need to get in touch for a dedicated all round 10% Discount Code that can be used on our Self-service ordering system.

In 2005 Metro Imaging established a platform to support photography graduates making the transition out of education. The programme has gone on to be highly regarded in industry as a vital stepping-stone into the creative industries. Past winners from academic and non-academic applications include Noemie Goudal; Indre Serpytyte; Andrew Lacon; Tom Hatton; Felicity Hammond; Theodore Plytas and Silje Lovise Gjertsen.

The process is not by application, instead working In collaboration and consultation with University staff and alumni, the judges identify an individual that is deserving of the support; not necessarily the best student but one who has potential to grow and mature into a successful career artist. 

The twelve-month programme is designed around the needs of the individual and includes creative and conceptual advice; professional and business development; marketing identity and PR; technical experience and networking introductions and opportunities.

Whats on offer:

-Acceptance into the Metro Imaging Mentorship programme

-£1000 of credit with Metro Imaging to support the making of new work

-Access to skilled technicians and printers for advice and training

-Invitations to networking and PV events

-Introductions to industry influencers and partners

-Expert advice on Marketing and Social Media profiling

Please email Steve Macleod for more info.

Img: ‘Restore To Factory Settings’ © Felicity Hammond

Metro has always understood and championed the importance of nurturing emerging talent and it’s benefits to the industry. These sentiments are echoed through our comprehensive student offering which aims to make creativity more accessible to those in education.

We have a designated member of staff who looks after our student program, ensuring that from start to finish your work is as cost effective as can be, and as high a quality as possible; to aid this we offer a 20% student discount as well as informative university talks and group tours of the lab!

If you feel your establishment would benefit from a talk on pro-print relevance or a trip to Metro HQ then be sure to get in contact and we’ll be happy to help.

We have a  range of photographic printing services to give you a helping hand, save you money with generous discounts for our in-lab services, alongside affordable and competitively priced online options too; take a look at our prices to see how we can help you produce stunning prints at a lower cost.

We also give you the chance to work with expert technicians to give you the best quality for your work.

From one to one Bespoke printing in lab, to our online Self-Service printing – we’ve got all the resources you need to create a stunning portfolio of prints, or exhibition.