Reverse Perspex Mounting

Sizes up to 120 inches x 72 inches / Supplied with an Aluminium sub-frame
Perspex mounting is a contemporary way to present photographic prints for interiors and exhibitions. The print is bonded to Acrylic using a silicon gel and then backed with 2mm Dibond. Once the Perspex has been bonded to the front of your print the refraction of light through the Perspex gives a high definition effect and deep saturated colour.

Aluminium Mounting

Sizes up to 40 x 30 inches with wooden battens /60 x 40 inches with aluminium sub frame
Aluminium mounting is widely popular due to the archival quality of the material. Although considerably heavier and slightly less rigid than Dibond, Aluminium has the advantage of a clean silver edge which many find attractive.
Turn around time: Ten working days from print time.

Dibond Mounting

Sizes up to 40 inches x 30 inches with wooden battens /60 inches x 40 inches with aluminium sub frame
Dibond® is an composite display material comprising two sheets of archival quality thin aluminium with a thermoplastic core. It is valued for its lightweight rigidity and clean white coating. At an additional cost panels can be supplied with wooden batons up to 40×30 inches or Aluminium sub-frames.

Foamex Mounting

Foamex is a solid PVC mounting material used for simple, non archival purposes such as exhibition prints requiring a durable substrate for touring shows or public exhibitions. It is available in a range of thicknesses. At Metro we use 3mm and 5mm Foamex only.

Foamboard Mounting

Sizes up to 84 inches x 48 inches in 5mm or 10mm
Foamboard is a lightweight mounting material used for large hanging signs and displays or as a smooth and rigid substrate for framing photographs. Prints mounted to foamboard may be attached to the wall using velcro or small nails. Surprisingly sturdy and very light.

MDF Mounting

MDF mounting is an effective and economical way of displaying prints, available in 9 or 12mm thickness. Although heavy, MDF is very rigid and the painted edges create a finished effect for mounted prints that, especially when sealed, will stand up to the toughest environments.

Kapa Mounting

Kapa Foamboard is a lightweight mounting material used for large hanging signs and displays or as a smooth and rigid substrate for framing photographs. We use Kapa foamboard, known for its aluminium foil surface, which adds a layer of protection for photographic paper. Kapa is available in 5 mm and 10 mm sheets.

Card Mounting

Sizes up to 60 x 40 inches
We use grey centred board made from alpha cellulose providing very high degrees of protection. Our board passes the Silver Tarnish test making it suitable for mounting precious photographs. With a ph value of 7.5 even after 200 years, this board offers a very high protection for the future.

We caught up with editorial Photographer Jenny Lewis and discussed her project for Doctors of The World as well as her entry for this years Taylor Wessing and Portrait Salon 2016. Her shortlisted portrait is currently on show at Metro’s front  of House Gallery in Clerkenwell…

As part of our Punk London series of exhibitions Metro is excited to be hosting Owen Harvey’s first solo UK exhibition, ‘Skins and Suedes’ in our FOH Gallery over June and July 2016. Young award-winning photographer Owen Harvey has collated the images for his exhibition from a four-year project, highlighting the current Skinhead and Suedehead subculture across the UK.