Photo Frame Hire


As an alternative to our framing service, we offer frame hire,  short or long-term, for art or photographic projects. Our range of ready to go hire frames comes in a range of sizes including 20 x 16, 24×20 and 30×20 inches, and are constructed to our usual high standards.

Hire Frames are an affordable and effective way to showcase work when you’re restricted by deadlines; for example for one-off events or an exhibition where the frames won’t be required after the event, such as short exhibitions or pop-up galleries.

All frames are thoroughly checked on return so you can rest assured that they will always be in top condition for your event. Also, these frames are available with or without window mounts and artwork can be fitted by our team for an extra fee.

Frames are prepared at our framing department in Vauxhall, London. Contact us  for bookings or further information.

We offer a made to measure photo framing, art framing and picture framing  service that’s specifically tailored to the needs of the most discerning customers and can work with you to coordinate all aspects of your production, from photographic printing, mounting and framing.

This method of end-to-end solution, based upon your budget and requirements has worked successfully for international galleries, high profile artists and photographers, private and corporate collectors and major institutions. We can also offer art shipping and installation as part of the service.

Photo mounting is a great way to present your photographs for exhibitions or the home. Substrates such as MDF and foamex are prized for durability, MDF for rigidity, Foamboard for lightweight versatility. Reverse Perspex is ideal for vibrant colours and aluminium adds a modern twist. Each material has its own particular characteristics so please feel free to contact us if you would like some advice.

Our role in the production of photographic and Fine Art exhibitions has grown enormously over the past ten years, and our Photography Exhibition Services are designed around the needs of artists and photographers who prefer to have a hands-on role in the printing of their work. Described as ‘Premier’ this service features many add-on features that make it attractive to artists, photographers and archives working on large complex projects requiring detailed production management from concept to final installation.

Photography in commercial or interior spaces is increasingly popular as more innovative presentation methods become more widely available. At Metro Imaging we have developed products such as Artlite Lightboxes and Perspex Photo Mounting with interior designers and architects needs in mind. Produced exclusively in house, these beautifully constructed objects create a wow factor in any interior and will also last for many years to come.

Lightboxes have long been a favourite of artists looking to appropriate the dramatic effect of an illuminated image but until recently lightboxes were restricted in size; light spread and weight by cumbersome florescent tubing that required deep profiles for cooling.

Now with the developments in energy efficient LED technology, light is available in sheets rather than tubes, creating new possibilities for lightbox size, weight, design and most importantly, colour-accuracy.

Joining forces with LED technologists, we have developed colour-accurate lightboxes that can be colour-balanced exactly to our Kodak Duratrans film material.

Metro Imaging are the only photographic printers in the UK offering colour accurate Kodak Duratrans prints up to 72” wide and our lightbox service enables our customers to create lightboxes up to this mural size.