Photographic Film & Scanning Services


Our top-of-the-range scanning department consists of a Drum and Flatbed scanner, capable of capturing exceptional detail. We can scan everything from a single negative or print, to a complete archive.

We are one of the few photographic labs left that still offers a wide range of high quality film processing, negative scanning and photo printing.

We have a full selection of photographic film to purchase instore. Our range includes the following and more. Please contact us to enquire about current stock levels and pricing.

Film may also be ordered for delivery (chargeable) via post or our green cycle couriers.

Over the years we have worked on and serviced some of the most prestigious professional photography archives in the world, from celebrity based images to the classical photographers and works of historic importance. We continue to hold these archives digitally for print and sale. From Beaton to Parkinson; Getty to Bailey and O’Neill, the list is expansive. Clients have trusted us with their precious film for over thirty years and because we got into digital early we understood the advantages that this new medium could bring to photography. Modern photographers with extensive back catalogues of film are working with us to digitise their back catalogues of work for re-purposing.

We offer a cost effective bulk scanning service and with modern scanning techniques it is possible to repair and enhance vintage images with careful retouching and bring back their original quality to reproduce perfectly time after time.

Metro has built a reputation for volume archive photo scans – scanning complete photo film libraries and vintage material from any origination, including photo prints and slides, to large format negatives. We know photo scanning quality can make the difference between a good and a truly great photo print, so we’ve invested in state-of-the-art drum scanning technology, capable of capturing the finest nuance of detail and tone.

Photographic Film Processing

At Metro Imaging we have consistently processed photographic film for more than thirty years using the very best dip and dunk photo processing for transparency (E6), negative (C41) and black and white film, along with other services, such as contacting, mini-lab prints and scanning.

From your large or medium format to 35mm film, we offer Film processing only, Developing with 6×4 or 7×5 prints, developing and lo res scanning of each frame, or developing, printing and scanning.