METRO PEOPLE: Chris Howes, Senior Retoucher


We are fortunate enough to have some very talented people behind the services we offer here at Metro Imaging. From printing to framing, scanning to retouch, we have a variety of skilled individuals working alongside our clients on a diverse range of photographic projects. 

This weeks team member in focus is Chris Howes, our Senior Retoucher. Chris has been retouching for over 25 years – both in the UK and internationally –  working with design agency’s, photographers and major retailers worldwide.


Can you tell us about your background in the industry and how you developed your career?

I started retouching in 1977 where we worked directly onto transparencies, using brushes and dyes and various chemicals for bleaching and making colour changes. I was training for some time before being allowed to work on an actual job for a client.
Five years on and I moved to Sweden where they had no retouchers at the time. After a couple of years I returned home and went freelance, then into a studio called Obscura where I worked mostly on car brochures for Ford and Landrover, during my time there, we went digital, and along with everyone else started a completely new way of working. This was before photoshop, but looking back, similar in many ways.

Can you tell us about your role as Senior Retoucher at Metro Imaging?

As senior retoucher I help by looking at a brief and work out how long it may take to do, so a quote can be given. Along with my colleagues Lara and Patrick, we look at proofs together and decide what needs adjusting to make good. Also working with other retouchers on similar images we can discuss together the way we work, sharing ideas and creative input.

What type of imagery do you prefer to work on usually?

I prefer working on model shots, either on location or studio. Making garments fit and colour matching, using extra photography to comp new elements in, and I also enjoy cleaning up skin for beauty work.

What advice would you share with artists interested in using our Creative Retouching services?

The only advice I can give to someone wanting to use creative retouch would be to discuss it first using high res images so a quote could be given, and maybe to come and talk directly to a retoucher.

For more info on our Retouch services see here.