Metro Spring Showcase: Michelle Carolina Levie


We may not be able to open our doors and show you around our front of house gallery right now, but we can certainly introduce you to the wonderful artists involved and share with you the work we’ll be exhibiting as part of our 2020 Spring Showcase.

Todays artist in the spotlight is Michelle Carolina Levie, a fine Art photography based in Amsterdam. Her current work focusses on the abstraction of landscape, plants and food. We have chosen two images from her series ‘Food of the Earth’, where Michelle, explored the different lifestyles comprised in the landscape, and the balance (or imbalance) that emerges from them.

How would you describe your process and practice?

I take my inspiration from many different forms of art. Going to museums and galleries is a must. Traveling is my favourite part about what I do. Seeing new views, meeting people, learning about their culture and trying to make an image out of that. It’s great to have my subjects and people part of the image-making process, feeling free and proud of who they are and where they come from. Love the unexpected, which keeps me curious.

Tell us about the particular photographs you chose to show at Metro Imaging for our Spring Showcase…

The images that are showcased are part of a larger project. As working title “Food of the earth” I am trying to link the environment to agriculture and produce. To give you a glimpse of who and where these delicious treats come from. Also hoping to start conversations that revolves around food and our planet. The close-up is of a Banana leaf. I love the simplicity and the graphic lines that create the composition, when looking closer at such an ‘ordinary’ and daily fruit.

Could you tell us more about ‘Pineapple Paper’ and why you chose it for these artworks?

The handmade paper comes from Fundación San Lorenzo de Barichara. Barichara is a small colonial town in the region of Santander, Colombia. The foundation is run by a group of 10 incredible ladies that make this paper by hand, out of many different plants that grow in the region. Mostly they make paper out of Fique, a native plant. This pineapple paper is pretty special as it takes about 1,5 months to produce. They make them out of the leaf of the plant and out of the skin of the pineapple. Therefore you see differences in textures, edges and colour. Be sure to follow their facebook page, it is a beautiful place where they create this paper.

Do you have any new projects or exhibitions planned for 2020 that you can update us on?

Yes, my upcoming solo show is in London at the Consulate of Colombia. There I will be showing an extended selection of these images that were also produced on the pineapple paper. Everybody is welcome to join the for the opening!!* Also will be continuing my project ‘food of the earth’ and traveling to some new destinations. Used to work live in New York and Amsterdam and still have ongoing assignments over there for 2020.

Could you share with us the best career advice you received to date?

There are two things that come to mind. Growing up my parents always encouraged: Do what you love. That made me follow a life surrounded by art without hesitation. And second: focus, focus, focus. Worked for an amazing photographer Jimmy Nelson for about 2 years and at a recent meet-up, he shared that with me. Completely agree, when you have so many different things going on, it is important to focus of what is most important.

You can see more of Michelle’s work on her website and Instagram feed, and once we’re back-up and running you’ll see her two images printed on pineapple paper on show in our front door gallery as part of Metro’s Spring Showcase.

Stay tuned to our news feed for more interviews with our Front of House artists.

* Launch to be announced at a later date.
IMG © 1-2 from series ‘Food of the Earth’, Michelle Carolina Levie
IMG © 3 Images printed on pineapple paper supplied by the artist.