‘Hot Moment’ featuring Tessa Boffin, Ingrid Pollard, Jill Posener


Auto Italia brings ‘Hot Moment’, a new exhibition curated by Radclyffe Hall featuring artists Tessa Boffin, Ingrid Pollard, Jill Posener.

‘Hot Moment’ examines photographic representations that emerge from the threshold of intimacy and public life in the 1980s and 90s. The exhibition presents the work of these three photographers for whom lesbian identity was never a coherent category to be straightforwardly translated to image by the camera. Instead, it signals a style, politics, and an attitude of production.

The exhibition evidences the diversity of photography’s informal distribution networks and audiences in London during the 1980s– from billboards and book covers to club nights and street performance. The images on show emerge from the context of contemporaneous political struggles around reproductive rights, the onset of HIV/AIDS in the UK, the legislation indicated by Section 28, police stop-and-search laws, and up-risings in urban areas.

This is a group portrait of three photographers, one which takes its title from Pollard’s own recollections on the period. At this time, the medium was a critical means to document cultural activity and community organising taking place in live theatre, club spaces, book fairs, and, of course, spaces of political protest. Hot Moment depicts the interlinked activities of these lesbian-identified communities of activists, writers, and performers.

Metro Imaging is pleased to have worked with the gallery producing first the scans of the artwork, to then be printed on black and white fibre-based photographic paper.


Exhibition Details:
Auto Italia, 44 Bonner Road, London E2 9JS
12 January – 14 March 2020
Preview: 11 January, 6-8pm
Opening hours during Condo London: 11 – 12 January, 12-5pm
1. Jill Posener, Dalston, London, 1981. Courtesy of Auto Italia.
2. Jill Posener, Blood Group, Soho Dirt, 1984. Courtesy of Auto Italia.
3. Images from Ingrid Pollard (1989). Exhibition installation shot at Auto Italia Gallery, 2020.