HOUSEWARMING x Maison Touchard


The newly established gallery Maison Touchard has launched this winter with its inaugural exhibition, Housewarming. This dynamic group showcase features the work of Jemma Appleby, Alice Bucknell, Vanessa Dziuba, Shawn Maximo, Lindsey Mendick, and Camille Yvert.

Marking the launch of Maison Touchard, a project space set in an East London council flat, Housewarming explores the dichotomy between the utopian origins of Modernist architecture – inherently moralistic ideals of purity, transparency, light, and function – and its failed and rebellious legacies, namely within the prescriptive urban renewal and public housing schemes that began to appear en masse in the second half of the 20th century.

Metro was delighted to work with the creators of this unique exhibition Melanie Scheiner and Clémentine Proby, to produce a large-format panoramic digital c-type matt print for mixed- media artist Shawn Maximo. Maximo is known for his architectural dioramas and spatial hybrids created via images, sculptures, animations, furniture, theatrical sets, and installations.

Founded in 2019 by Scheiner and Proby, Maison Touchard embraces the spirit of sustainability and community bound up in the ethos of the ‘home-made’.

Set in an inhabited East London council flat, Maison Touchard is a project space informed by the myriad roles and connotations associated with the concept of Home. Home as a site of production and metamorphosis: a dream factory, a purgatory, a dinner party; a costume closet, an archive, a prison. It is a play-pen for curatorial and artistic experimentation wherein notions of the quotidian, the domestic, and the local are probed in relation to broader ideological concerns of urban geography, architecture, and social space.



23 November – 15 December 2019

Open Saturday & Sunday, 12-6 pm.

Touchard House, Flat 17

Chart St., London N1 6DB

Image © Courtesy Shawn Maximo & Maison Touchard. Photo: Samuel Capps.