MELTDOWN by Project Pressure at The Natural History Museum Vienna


The Natural History Museum Vienna and charity Project Pressure presents MELTDOWN, A Visualization of Climate Change.

Project Pressure was founded in 2008 by Klaus Thymann, and since then has been commissioning world-renowned artists to conduct expeditions around the world. For the first time, these works will be shown together as MELTDOWN.

The exhibition is a narrative on the importance of glaciers, with selected artworks demonstrating the impact of climate change, all of which have been curated by Lina Aastrup and showcase various types of media. Metro Imaging is proud to have worked with the Project Pressure team for the production support of this inspiring exhibition, producing everything from Duratran prints for Bespoke Lightboxes, to installation pieces on Adhesive Vinyl. In addition to this, we produced an incredible collection of large-scale Fine Art Giclée and C-Type prints.

MELTDOWN contains work from every relevant continent on the planet, representing the journey in three chapters. The first section, The Importance of Glaciers, provides an introduction to the topic, illustrating glacier mass loss as an impact of climate change. Artist Peter Funch uses vintage postcards as a model for his images of American glaciers to capture the effects of glacial recession. Further to this, Noémie Goudal’s large-scale photographic installation depicts her location-based work, printed on biodegradable paper that disintegrates when wet, of a glacier image dissolving to create a “river of ice”, mirroring the shifting glacial landscape.

In the second chapter, Current Issues, MELTDOWN looks at various urgent subjects, and how the borders within Europe are being redrawn by the glacier recession.

Finally, the last section, Meltdown Consequences, looks at the well-known yet still surprising facts of climate change, going well beyond sea levels rising. Artists Simon Norfolk + Klaus Thymann look at the peculiar example of the Rhône glacier being covered in geo-thermal cloth to limit the melting.

Project Pressure uses art as a positive touch-point to create awareness and inspire action. However, its ultimate mission is to incite real behavioural change. To encourage this, Project Pressure has placed a touchscreen at the exhibition exit, where visitors can get an estimate on how carbon-intense their lifestyle is, as well as recommendations on how to improve this, with the option to revisit and re-calculate online after two months to keep track of their changes.

Exhibition Details:
5th June 2019 – 1st September 2019
The Natural History Museum
Vienna, 1010


Image Credits:
1. Installation View: Glaciér 1-3, 2016. © Noémi Goudal (2019)
2. Installation View: Simon Norfolk + Klaus Thymann, Shroud I, II, III, IV, V, VI.  Photograph courtesy of Project Pressure (2019).
3. Installation View: Scott Conarroe, Left: Weißkugel, Austria – Right: Glacier Du Tacul. Photograph courtesy of Project Pressure (2019).
4. Installation View: Peter Funch, Diptychs from Left to Right: Mt. Shuksan, Mt. Rainier Emmons Glacier from Sunrise Park Road, Thunder Glacier from Marmot Ridge. Photograph courtesy of Project Pressure (2019).