Peckham 24: Baud Postma’s Photographic Memory


Do you remember the event or the photograph of it? Do our photographs reflect reality or create a new one? Do you trust your memories or do they change as you do? To what extent does photography impact who we think we are?

In Photographic memory, Baud Postma will consider these questions through an exploration of the interconnected themes of construction, authenticity and artifice as they exist within both memory and photography. Using his distinctive analogue process, the exhibition examines these ideas within the context of our image-saturated and social media obsessed world. Metro Imaging were thrilled to work with the artist in order to produce the exhibition at PECKHAM 24, from the Fine Art Giclée prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper to bespoke Floating Box Frames.

Postma’s sequence of images expresses varying perspectives of the desert, exploring them as a metaphor for memory. Both desert landscapes and personal memories appear fixed and stable but are in fact subject to constant, imperceptible change. The work encompasses re-photographed imagery from his early personal archive, film stills of Lawrence of Arabia and long exposure photographs of time-lapse video footage. Alongside these photographic works, an installation made in collaboration with set designer Jabez Bartlett, spans the lower floor of the exhibition, placing the viewer in a desert-like, immersive display.

His analogue process of selecting, recapturing and reinterpreting existing imagery mirrors the idea of memories transforming over time. Displaying visually different versions of the same source image, produced using alternative darkroom processes, serves to further highlight the idea that our memories of a given event can evolve. Editing our photographic archive and even our memories are in fact the norm, guided by self-enhancing biases that lead us to rewrite our past so it resembles what we feel and believes now.


Exhibition Details:

17 – 19 May 2019

Safe House 2,137 Copeland Road, SE15 3SN


IMAGES: All images by Ⓒ Baud Postma, PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY, 2019.