Beyond the Invisible – Rankin x Endometriosis UK


This Spring, Standard Life presents Beyond the Invisible, an exhibition produced in collaboration with fashion photographer Rankin, telling the real-life stories of endometriosis sufferers and their supporters. In partnership with Endometriosis UK, Standard Life intends to shine a light on this invisible illness that affects 1 in 10 women.

With these portraits – and the campaign mission statement ‘It’s time to make this invisible condition visible to all’ – Rankin‘s objective was to show the pain, passion and uplifting beauty of these fearless women and their supporters.

”I didn’t know a huge amount about endometriosis until Standard Life approached me about collaborating on this project for their Invisible Illnesses campaign – I just couldn’t believe that one in ten women is living with this; the excruciating pain and the way it negatively affects basically every aspect of their lives. Their relationships, careers and finances suffer due to this sometimes-debilitating condition. I hope this exhibition can almost make tangible the invisible agony of endometriosis, which is so hard to understand if you are not affected.” – Rankin

Produced here in our London Lab on archival C-type Matt paper, each portrait in this series carries a hidden video which helps to tell the real-life stories of the women and men featured. To unlock the video content, scan each portrait using the ‘Beyond the Invisible AR’ app.

“Standard Life’s partnership with Endometriosis UK is the beginning of a ground-breaking Invisible Illnesses campaign. There will be more partnerships, more voices heard, more barriers broken down.” – Standard Life

The exhibition began in London in March before moving to Edinburgh earlier this month, and digitally thereafter on the site, head over to see for yourself

You can download it by searching for ‘Beyond the Invisible AR’ on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

ALL IMAGES © RANKIN for Standard Life and Endometriosis UK.