Flying Trees and Sunken Squares – The Barbican Exhibition


Flying Trees and Sunken Gardens is the fifth in the changing foyer displays at the iconic Barbican Centre, London. It explores the history behind the creation and design of the open spaces, gardens, and conservatory that are found across the Barbican Estate and Arts Centre.


The site where the exhibition stands was, for over a decade (1940–1956), a devastated post-war site, a wild landscape. As the debate on the urban role of open space raged on, the weeds gently but effectively regenerated the City from its ashes. A monumental landscape emerged, combining low and high rise buildings and spaces, creating an enclosed, urban fabric within the City.


Metro is thrilled to have produced Giclée, C-Type matt and black and white resin prints for this extensive installation which is broken into three sections; references from continental Europe and inspiration from the English garden are brought to light from a selection of books from founding CP&B partner Geoffrey Powell. Archival drawings and illustrations convey the interweaving of artifice and nature and at the centre, historical drawings of the Conservatory and newly commissioned botanical photography celebrate the glass and steel design of this hidden garden.

Exhibition dates: present until 20th March 2018

Barbican Centre
Silk Street, London

Images ©

1, 2 & 4. Rhiannon Stanford

3. Courtesy RIBA