The Earth Issue – Breaking Point Exhibition


6 months on from their magazine launch we have a chat with Elena Cremona, Creator of The Earth Issue.

Q. The Earth Issue launched in January 2017 – can you provide us with a little background about its aim and your inspiration for starting the magazine?

A. It all started by trying to make sense of all the different aspects that we are born into. I’ve always found it hard to understand society and their constant preoccupation, obsession even, for needing and wanting material possessions, rather than appreciating the planet we inhabit. Humanity has shifted their definition of what it means to be a visitor on Mother Earth’s home. We are now driven by power, money and exploitation, where greed seems to be put above the wellbeing of our planet.

As a photographer, I find it important to use my work as a tool to awaken consciousness and create a sense of awareness and respect for our irreplaceable landscapes. To me, being able to create, is the most honest form of self-expression. It’s important to me to actively be part of a movement, and even be able to provide people with a platform, represented by visual artists and environmental activists who share a dedication to raising awareness for the beauty of nature.
Our need to challenge ourselves and our mindset, our need to ever inspire and harness the power of social change is what drove me to starting an environmentally creative magazine, and further more a platform for all to express a connection with nature.

Q. Earth Issue is presenting ‘The Breaking Point’ in July – what can we expect from the exhibition?

A. In our ‘The Breaking Point’ exhibition we are offering different approaches to confronting our role within nature. We are presenting the thin line between being consciously aware within our space and feeding our ego, instead of the self.

We are living in a society that’s very much based on outside approval and factors which feed the ego, rather than seeking growth through acceptance.
How can we engage in these grand environmental conversations when we still have so much trouble trying to identify with nature?

The Breaking Point is an immersive exhibition by artist’s Ram Vafa and Bertie Sampson. Their work comes together to create a spatial field of attraction and repulsion for the viewer. Each piece has a commanding presence by which the viewer must circumnavigate in order to engage with both artists work, but where their movement also becomes part of the piece.
Each work is representative of time, light and movement and aims to contribute to the greater discourse on our collective responsibility and place within nature and the natural world. Each artist’s exploration of the theme of mankind’s relationship to the greater self and the role he/she plays to help sustain and maintain a healthy world and environment, has resulted in these works, which are made over the course of this journey of self-reflection.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your own work?

A. My work is just a reflection on how I see the world. Wanting to be completely immersed within nature, remembering that we do actually have a choice in wanting to make a difference.
I photograph to understand better and to pour meaning into who I am. Each photograph of mine is as unique as the memory that inspired it.

Q. When and what inspired you to start working with Metro Imaging?

A. I met with Metro’s Kate O’Neill a couple of years ago to discuss a possible collaboration between The Old Girl’s Club and a group of us who had been wanting to put on a show about climate change in conjunction with COP21 (The Paris Climate Conference’s of 2015).

Our exhibition, YOU WILL END BY DESTROYING THE EARTH, was the first front of house exhibition shown at Metro Imaging.

What’s the next project in line for The Earth Issue?

We are currently working on, and accepting submissions for, our newest print Issue. The theme is Impact and we are looking for artists who use their creative work as a vehicle for environmental activism.

The Breaking Point, The Square Gallery, 9B Battersea Square, SW11 3RA

Opening night: 20th July 2017
6:30pm – 10:30pm RSVP

Exhibition dates: 21st July  – 3rd August 2017

Images © Rama Vafa x Bertie Sampson