Katy Vetch – Videre


Metro is delighted to be supporting artist Katy Vetch as her latest solo show ‘Videre’ opens at Cob Studios in London this month, producing C Type prints from scanning the original analogue prints.

Videre (taken from Latin, meaning ‘to see’) is the artist’s documentation, through images, of her own version of the 19th Century ‘Grand Tour,’ as she travels to learn and understand the world she inhabits.

Images reflect and document the work she sees, operating as if a botanist discovering, labeling and categorising rare flowers. Vetch examines and creates art works using various papers and linen, different print techniques and by sewing threads through photographic paper, exposing and manipulating light to achieve the sense her intuition found out in the field.

Vetch takes us alongside her on a journey through her lens, revealing an empathic, humanitarian abstract way of seeing.  Images of lives glimpsed in Indian cites are translated through colour, the beads and colours draped across shop fronts, cars and buses or the silk of a sari being blown by the speed of a motor bike. The deserts and plains of Africa evoked through the blood red smear of the sun and red earth and the looming figure of her guide.

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Cob Studios, 205 Royal College St, NW1 0SG

Exhibition dates: May 31st – June 4th, PV 30th May
Opening times: Wed– Sun, 12:00 – 6:00pm
Inquires: Contact by email

Images © Katy Vetch