Anita Corbin’s First Women project


After the news story last year in which we featured Anita Corbin’s ‘First Women’ project, we are delighted to announce that we are now official sponsor, providing printing of exhibition materials for the project.

‘First Women’ is Anita Corbin’s on-going personal legacy project which will ultimately comprise of one hundred portraits capturing women in the UK who were ‘first’ in their field of achievement – she has just completed portrait number 64!

Anita has been a Metro customer for over 30 years and was keen to seek advice on the project from Metro’s Director Steve Macleod. Anita comments “Their (Metro’s) dedicated team of experts have a huge range of industry experience and they clearly love what they do, which is why the quality is so good – I can totally rely on them”

Steve Macleod also explained, “This is a unique opportunity to not only work with an established photographer, but to support a long standing customer, document and rediscover archive photographic material such as ‘Visible Girls’ that will inspire future generations”

As well as supporting the printing requirements of the project, we are supporting Anita with joint promotions and guidance to help raise awareness leading up to the launch of the 100 Portraits in 2018.

As an additional section to this project, an archival collection of photographs is being complied with the public’s involvement to form part of the exhibition – presenting women through the decades.

To email Anita with suggestions of ‘Firsts’
For more information about First Women
Images © Anita Corbin
1 – Looking at test prints for ‘Visible Girls‘ with master printer, Manish Patel
2- 3 – Scanning original negatives with John Waite