Mary McCartney’s Monochrome | Colour Exhibition


Renowned photographer Mary McCartney’s latest exhibition Monochrome | Colour opened in London last night revealing a more personal anthology of her work, previously unseen.  Taken without the agenda of a creative brief, her images illustrate her instinctive nature to photography and the desire to record the life around her.

The exhibition curated by de Pury de Pury is selected from over 300 images cataloged in their entirety in the newly published books of the same name. Featuring photos taken between 1994 and 2014, many are taken behind-the-scenes at shoots and projects including McCartney’s time spent with the Royal Ballet Company together with fashion shoots, taken in moments of unguarded reprieve.  The images repeatedly contain intentional blur, movement and varied exposure showing McCartney’s idea that life is not always about perfection.

“Mary’s work is all about capturing furtive moments of intimacy,” says Simon De Pury. “Her subjects, whether famous or anonymous, are not posing trying to look their best but on the contrary share a side in them that you would only show to close friends or family. Her still lives and other photographs without people are equally not staged. It is precisely because they are unspectacular that they touch a special cord in us. It has been inspiring and a great pleasure to work closely with Mary in the preparation of this show.”

McCartney adds “This exhibition is work from two decades so the decisions have been exciting and difficult. Finding new treasures and slaying dragons. Now it’s ready to show.”

Metro worked with McCartney, a valued client for many years on the production of both C Type and black and white fibre prints for the show, in sizes ranging from 20”x 24″ up to a incredible 6ft x 4ft.  The 35mm original negatives were drum scanned then worked to match the images in the accompanying book, Monochrome | Colour, available now to purchase.

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3 Grafton Street, London, W1S 4EE
21st November to 5th December 2014
Opening Times: Monday to Friday:11:00am – 4:00pm
Admission to the exhibition is free

Images © Mary McCartney