RCA Metro Prize Winner 2014 announced – Felicity Hammond


As part of Metro’s ongoing commitment to support student and young undeveloped talent we are delighted to announce this year’s winner of the RCA (Royal College of Art)/Metro Mentorship prize is Felicity Hammond.  Felicity wins £1000 credit to use at Metro plus a valuable 12 months mentoring from the experts here at Metro.

Felicity’s winning work entitled “Restore to Factory Settings” refers to a paradoxical nature of the colour blue, where the urban landscape has been dismembered whilst at the same time has gone through a process of careful reconstruction. It is interesting to note that Felicity’s interest in the colour stem from her childhood in which she saw a great deal of blue prints, both parents having been engineers.

Her resulting images in the series are in fact photographic collages of a fictional landscape. Using a large amount of photos taken from the former factory site and industrial area in which her family members lived and worked which are now spaces of ‘urban regeneration.’

Felicity comments, ”The prize is really great for me, as I am working on a very large scale (restore to factory settings is a C type print, at nearly 4 meters wide). I am hoping that I can continue working at this scale under Metro’s support. I also have been experimenting with different printing techniques using metal over the last couple of years, and I’m hoping I might be able to try out new methods under Metro’s guidance”

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