Metro’s support of students and young photographers continues with the recently announced winner of the Metro/University Campus Suffolk (UCS) mentorship prize awarded to Alastair Bartlett, BA (Hons) Photography.  Alastair receives a 12 month mentoring programme with the experts from Metro as well as a £1000 credit to spend on services at Metro Imaging.

Alastair’s work entitled “Here We Are” is a series of images set in the Cambridgeshire fenland.  Alastair comments, “This is a place that, for most, is not a destination in itself.  Rather, it is a place that is on the way. I like to drive around the unfamiliar and take photographs. Sometimes, certain places call to me. Other times, I have to look harder. Cambridgeshire is familiar enough so that I am comfortable in its presence, yet it is still foreign. I like the solitude. I just like to drive and take pictures.

He continues, “It’s the adventure and exploration that drives my project. I never know exactly where I’m going, or what I’m going to find. The solitude allows me to fully relax and keep in an open and receptive state of mind.”

Steve Macleod Metro’s Director and part of the judging panel for the award comments, “The quality of work being produced by UCS was very strong this year, it was a difficult decision as to who to select and we believe moving forward, Alastair will benefit most from the Award.  Mark Edwards and his colleagues at UCS are demonstrating a clear vision of the high level of quality that is required for graduates to succeed in the future.’

One of the images from Alastair’s ‘Here We Are’ series has been selected as a finalist image for this years Renaissance Photography Prize which can be viewed at the Getty Images Gallery between 8th-20th September 2014. seen

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Images © Alastair Bartlett

As part of Metro’s ongoing commitment to support student and young undeveloped talent we are delighted to announce this year’s winner of the RCA (Royal College of Art)/Metro Mentorship prize is Felicity Hammond.  Felicity wins £1000 credit to use at Metro plus a valuable 12 months mentoring from the experts here at Metro.

Felicity’s winning work entitled “Restore to Factory Settings” refers to a paradoxical nature of the colour blue, where the urban landscape has been dismembered whilst at the same time has gone through a process of careful reconstruction. It is interesting to note that Felicity’s interest in the colour stem from her childhood in which she saw a great deal of blue prints, both parents having been engineers.

Her resulting images in the series are in fact photographic collages of a fictional landscape. Using a large amount of photos taken from the former factory site and industrial area in which her family members lived and worked which are now spaces of ‘urban regeneration.’

Felicity comments, ”The prize is really great for me, as I am working on a very large scale (restore to factory settings is a C type print, at nearly 4 meters wide). I am hoping that I can continue working at this scale under Metro’s support. I also have been experimenting with different printing techniques using metal over the last couple of years, and I’m hoping I might be able to try out new methods under Metro’s guidance”

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Images © Felicity Hammond

French artist Noémie Goudal’s first public solo exhibition ‘The Geometrical Determination of the Sunrise’ has opened at the New Art Gallery Walsall.

Metro is delighted to have produced one of the large-scale installation works, ‘Study on Perspective I’ which  invites the viewer to enter a cave-like room.  The image has been printed on 8mm Perspex using our new Direct to Media printer but split over four large panels. Each panel measures 240cm x 200cm and are configured in front of each other such that when viewed from the front line up to to create one image.

Noémie Goudal is known for her large-format photographs, often inspired by remote and isolated places such as islands, caves and deserted barns, the depths of the forest or expanse of the sea. Her images often involving the use of ‘backdrops’: images printed on paper, placed within a landscape and re-photographed.

The title of this exhibition ‘The Geometrical Determination of the Sunrise’, refers specifically to the way great architectural buildings in the Archaic and Classical periods were constructed working to precise mathematical rules and in harmony with the sun, a powerful natural force– using it to help them realise magnificent structures.

This exhibition also features Goudal’s film work ‘Tanker/Diver’, a multi-screen film involving two contrasting performances staged within an oil tanker and on a semi-ruined coastal diving board. It has been specifically commissioned by The New Art Gallery Walsall for this exhibition.

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The New Art Gallery, Gallery Square, Walsall, WS2  8LG

Exhibition dates: 10th July  – 14th September 2014
Opening times:  Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00am – 5:00pm; Sunday: 12 noon – 4:00pm.
Closed Mondays and Bank Holidays

Images ©
1-3) Noémie Goudal installation images

A new group exhibition ‘Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next’ opens in Amsterdam later this month featuring images by a collection of individuals that are considered to be a new generation of photographers of fashion, creating ground-breaking work and following in the footsteps of famed colleagues of the established order, such as Mario Testino, Steven Meisel, Jürgen Teller or Inez & Vinoodh.  Metro has produced C-Type prints for artist Axel Hoedt’s part in the exhibition.

Organised by Foam Amsterdam and in collaboration with guest curator Magdalene Keaney, the exhibition offers an exciting glimpse into the wealth of contemporary practices in fashion photography, resulting in a dynamic, colourful and multi-faceted presentation. The title is intended as a positive statement regarding the work of these young photographers, deriving from their current qualities and focused on a promising future.

There are two major characterisations in this exhibition – variety and hybrid, showing diversity in approaches and photographic methods. Contrary to the possibilities presented by digital technology, many emerging photographers turn to analogue techniques and process their own images in the darkroom. Some photographers are particularly interested in the artificial character of the fashion image and are pushing the limits of the medium via manual interventions and manipulation; others, on the contrary, investigate the possibilities offered by the digital aesthetic. To do so, various forms are juxtaposed and combined, such as studio and location shots, and genres such as still life, landscape, portrait and abstraction. Collage, sculpture, installations and performance also naturally assume a place in their method of working. The most important rule is that there are in fact no rules.

Group exhibition with Daniel Jackson, Julia Hetta, Saga Sig, Robi Rodriguez, Erik Madigan, Alice Hawkins, Chad Moore, Samuel Hodge, Tyrone Lebon, Chardchakai Waikawee (Air), Jamie Hawkesworth, Mel Bles, Daniel Sannwald, Axel Hoedt, Laetitia Negre, Jonathan Hallam, Harley Weir, Daniel Riera, Charlie Engman, Hanna Putz, Baker & Evans, Laetitia Hotte, Jacob Sutton, Immo Klink, Ruvan Wijesooryia and Tung Walsh.

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Foam Gallery, Keizersgracht 609, 1017 DS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Exhibition dates: 10th July – 7th September 2014
Opening times: Sat – Wed: 10:00am – 6:00pm; Thurs & Fri: 10:00am – 9:00pm

Concurrent with this exhibition, a book by Magdalene Keaney with the same title will be published by Thames & Hudson.
Following the exhibition at Foam the work will be shown in London at the Fashion Space Gallery and London College of Communication.

Images © Axel Hoedt

The FIFA World Cup Final produces interest and excitement from all walks of life and across all generations and nationalities.  Collecting the renowned Panini sticker books for some individuals, adds another dimension and level of excitement to the competition.

To celebrate this year’s competition Panini has installed a huge 60ft x 8ft wall vinyl in the Proud Archivist gallery in London.  This vast image features every World Cup sticker ever released by the company; a staggering 4871 portraits of the world’s best footballers spanning twelve World Cup competitions, from Mexico 1970 to Brazil 2014.  Metro has reproduced the images for display on the gallery’s light wall on vinyl panels printed on our Direct to Media printer.

“It’s the first time all of Panini’s World Cup stickers have ever been brought together for a single exhibition, and promises a nostalgic mass of curious hairstyles and a chance to relive World Cups past” says the exhibition curator Rob Manley.

He continues, “At a time when the whole world is going just a little bit potty about the World Cup, this exhibition provides a highly resonant personal touch point to the other times in our lives, when our younger selves were going just a little bit potty about the World Cups of yesterday.”

The exhibition forms part of The Proud Archivist’s World Cup Wonderland event, which brings together four football-themed shows including photographer Michael Donald’s “I Scored a Goal in the World Cup Final” which features C Type prints produced by Metro of all thirty-three living members of football’s most exclusive club – The World Cup Final Goal Scorers.  From Alcides Ghiggia, the Uruguayan scorer of the winning goal in the 1950 World Cup, to Geoff Hurst (England 1966), Martin Peters (England, 1966), Pele (Brazil 1958, 1970), (France 1998) & Ronaldo (Brazil 2002) to Iniesta, Spain’s hero in 2010.

Also on display are Cristiano Siqueria’s World Cup posters for ESPN and an Art Vinyl collection of World Cup single record sleeves.

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The Proud Archivist, 2-10 Hertford Road, London N1 5ET
Tel: 020 7749 6852 or email

Exhibition dates: 12th June – 13th July 2014
Opening times: 8:00am-10:30pm, 7 days a week

Images © The Proud Archivist