Chris Steele-Perkins’ ‘England my England’ opens in Moscow


Magnum photographer Chris Steele-Perkins’ new exhibition ‘England my England’ opens at the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow on 12th March as part of the UK/Russia Year of Culture.

Metro are delighted to produce 100 black and white resin and C type prints for the exhibition in which Steele-Perkins asks ‘who are the English? And what images spring to mind when you think of England and the people who have made it their home?’ and in it presents a sweeping, unique mosaic of what he thinks makes England truly English.

Steele-Perkins has been photographing and documenting England and it’s residents since the 1970’s including a wide range of anthropological studies, reflecting rural life in Durham, life at St Thomas’ hospital, inner city racial conflict and the often challenging lives of carers and the cared for. Themes emerge that fascinate him and have always fascinated English artists: the absurd, violence, family, humour, loneliness and identity, both tragedy and comedy are revealed but comedy in greater part. Each picture tells a story of time and place and many of the images will strike a chord or a memory in the viewer.

Steele-Perkins comments:‘These photographs are a personal selection of images that I have taken over 40 years of photographing in this country. Some are drawn from books I have made on English themes, others from stories I have worked on, from pictures of family and friends, from random events encountered. They have nothing to do with celebrity or fame, but of everydayness and how that can be special.’

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Moscow Multimedia Art Museum,Exhibition dates: 12th Mar – 20th Apr 2014
Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 12:00pm – 21:00pm

Images © Chris Steele-Perkins/Magnum Photos