Nadav Kander exhibition ‘Bodies – 6 women, 1 man’


Metro have worked closely with renowned photographer Nadav Kander for many years and is delighted to have produced C type prints for his latest exhibition, “Bodies – 6 Women, 1 Man,” which runs at the Flowers Gallery until February 9th.

Kander’s images in this exhibition show the human form laid bare, defenceless, exposed and often awkwardly posed which contrasts immensely to the airbrushed form of ‘perfection’ that we are so accustomed to in modern culture.

The seven auburn-haired models, their naked pale skin covered in white marble dust, are positioned against the stark black background of the studio. With their faces recurrently turned from the lens this carefully prepared set accentuates the form of the body and so obviously offers the viewer to look closely. It is this sense of vulnerability and humanity stripped of its defences that Kander investigates as a point of beauty in this project.

‘Wherever I may be, my pictures seek to expose the shadows and vulnerability that exists in all of us, and it is this vulnerability that I find so beautiful’ Nadav Kander.

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Flowers Gallery,  21 Cork Street, London W1 3LZ
Exhibition dates: 11th January – 9th February
Opening times: Mon – Fri  10am – 6pm; Saturday  10am – 2pm

Images © Nadav Kander